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Titan's Doc Gen Solutions for Salesforce

Titan Solutions: Salesforce Excel Import Options

What is an Excel Salesforce Integration? It’s a powerful digital connection between two widely used platforms that work with data. Microsoft Excel helps your business to manipulate, analyze, and report your data with advanced features and tools. Simultaneously, Salesforce provides customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to collect and manage all your data related to customers and leads….

Microsoft Excel + Salesforce Integration

Is your organization using Salesforce? It’s the world’s most used customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Did you know that you could have many more data analysis, reporting, and document generation options when you integrate your Salesforce system with Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel is also a hugely popular and successful application used to work with data in spreadsheets….

Document Generation with Salesforce and Excel

Salesforce Excel Add-In | Connect Excel to Salesforce

Salesforce Export to Excel Exporting data from Salesforce to Excel is useful when you want to work with your Salesforce data in the Excel format. Salesforce does offer several methods to export your data for document generation depending on your needs. You can create and run reports in your Salesforce and export the report to Salesforce. The…

Salesforce Integration Solutions with Titan

Why you Need a Salesforce Excel Connector!

A Salesforce Excel Connector’s first and most important advantage is that it can help you import and export data between Salesforce and Excel spreadsheets. This valuable data flow functionality is essential for keeping your business spreadsheets up-to-date with the latest information so that you can conduct accurate data analysis. An added bonus is that when you generate…

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Complete Guide to 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance & Salesforce

Welcome, if you are reading this article then chances are you are working with electronic and digital signatures in your business. Want to know more about how to be fully compliant? Well, you have come to the right place! In this short guide, we discuss the difference between e-signatures and digital signatures, explain Title 21 CFR Part…

Gravity Forms Salesforce Integration

Gravity Forms Salesforce Integration

If you are looking to create advanced Salesforce forms for your WordPress website, then a Gravity Forms Salesforce integration is your go-to plugin! Gravity Forms is great for creating and working with web forms since the interface is simple and has an array of elements for you to utilize, which include text fields, dropdown menus, file uploads,…

Google Forms Salesforce Integration

Google Forms Salesforce Integration

A Google Form Salesforce integration is an extremely popular choice for creating web forms, quizzes, surveys, and so many more versatile forms for collecting data. If you haven’t used it or are looking for a reliable and trustworthy app to create web forms, we highly suggest Google Forms. Join us below as we share some of the…