Discover Salesforce Generated Contracts with Titan!

Explore the world of automation with Titan to create legally binding contracts quickly and easily with data pulled directly from Salesforce. Step into faster workflows with Titan to access or update all your contracts and data in real time, anywhere!

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employment contract with admin and employee

Increase in Customized Contracts


More Efficiently Controlled Workflows


More Advanced Pre-Designed Templates

Learn more about Titan’s Dynamic Salesforce Contracts

Watch this video to find out how to create powerful Salesforce contracts and elevate customer experiences with Titan!

signed contract and contract review with customer and team member

Empower your Business with Generated Contracts

Titan is full of zero-code modules! Use Titan CLM to generate contracts automatically and connect them to your lifecycle process in Salesforce.

All contracts are dynamically generated through Titan’s bi-directional data flow feature that entails live push and pull of Salesforce data into all web projects.

signed employee agreement with employee and team member

Advanced Contracts for Seamless Collaborations

Tracking contracts is easy in Titan CLM.

Go ahead and generate contracts with data pulled accurately in real-time from Salesforce, automate their distribution into rounds for viewing, editing, and signing, and push them back to Salesforce for archiving.

Notifications of the contract’s journey are sent to all stakeholders at each workflow process step.



admin and customer with signed contract

Transform Workflows for Greater Efficiency

Automatically generated contracts allow your business to scale the number of contracts you can deliver to clients. Use Titan CLM to pre-fill contracts with data pulled directly from Salesforce.

Never create a manual contract from scratch again!

contract template and signed employee information with HR manager

Improve Customer Satisfaction with E-Signatures

Choose Titan CLM to speed up your negotiation times and bind agreements with electronic signatures embedded in your contracts.

Titan contracts automatically travel online through rounds with signees. All signees and stakeholders can view, track, resolve, close, comment on, and sign these electronic documents.

Titan is an amazing product staffed by even more amazing people!

“Titan has really automated our application and onboarding processes. We now spend less time doing manual work. It is intuitive and has excellent training videos for the more advanced features.“

Donna Allison

SF Admin

Love using Titan!

“Great Product! I have been using Titan for the last 2 years. Easy to use and the customer success team is great! Always has a fast answer and a fix to all my questions.”

Amanda Wenk

SF Admin

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High-Value Contracts from Titan

Save your precious business time by generating your custom contract with Titan. Eliminate creating brand new agreements each time and spend your efforts on writing appropriate legal content.

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Cost-Effective Salesforce Solutions

Generating and working with contracts created by Titan can reduce your company’s expenses of hiring legal experts or contractors to write individual legal agreements.

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First-Rate Quality Contracts

Contracts generated by Titan and Salesforce are accurate and consistent. All contracts pull data from Salesforce and are free of any copy-pasting or manual data entry errors.

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Sign

Titan Sign

Sign, manage, and track e-signatures directly from Salesforce with our codeless signature builder

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Docs

Titan Docs

Create and customize dynamic documents for Salesforce

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Web

Titan Web

Build beautiful and flexible websites, 100% integrated with live push and pull of Salesforce data

Salesforce document and employment contract

The #1 Integration for Salesforce

Add a professional touch to your contracts when you extend your Salesforce system with Titan.

Titan CLM can offer your business Salesforce solutions that include 360 Degree Tracking features and fully collaborative contracts.

Let’s Make the Best Contracts Yet – Try Titan CLM today!

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