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PayPal is one of the most popular and trusted payment solutions for online transactions. Join us in the short article below to discover the benefits of Titan’s PayPal payment integration.

PayPal + Titan

Use Titan to transform your payment strategies by connecting your Salesforce system with PayPal today with a few clicks. Elevate your payment processing solutions easily with Titan by configuring the relevant parameters that PayPal requires.

Titan is a game-changer in the industry as we push all your indispensable payments and transactions to Salesforce for monitoring with absolutely no code!

What is Titan’s Answer for PayPal and Salesforce?

Titan allows your business to collect payment details and define your PayPal payment strategies the way you want and need with our state-of-the-art products.

For example, go ahead and configure currencies in your web projects that you know your customers prefer to discover one of the benefits of our PayPal integration. Plan your payment strategies the way you want by transforming how your business handles payments with Titan!

Always striving to give you an end-to-end process, Titan pushes all captured data transactions to Salesforce in real-time, ensuring lightning-speed services for your customers.

As a reminder, Titan never stores or keeps any of your sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, with your PayPal API integration.

Elevate your Customer Payment Options

Your customers deserve the option to make payments with multiple options at their fingertips, and you deserve a stress-free digital experience on your web project. Titan allows your business to configure your PayPal payment integration with zero-code to enable your customers to choose to get token, single, recurring, single & recurring, or installment payments independently.

Titan’s collection of can’t-go-wrong features will take your customer experience to the next level with an integration with PayPal!

How Titan Boosts PayPal?

Every organization has unique PayPal cart integration requirements for web projects. Let’s solve yours with Titan! Why? Here are a few essential points demonstrating the robustness and flexibility of Titan in PayPal on your website:

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Titan works systematically with PayPal and Salesforce to store all your payment and transaction data.
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Titan can help you integrate PayPal into a website and transform manual payment methods into entirely digitized end-to-end payment processes.
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Titan supports single, recurring, installment payments and more with a PayPal integration API and Salesforce.
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Configure your PayPal payment gateway integration with Titan and no code to track all transactions accurately inside Salesforce.
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Titan receives responses from PayPal and automatically pushes the data to Salesforce in real-time.
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Titan can assist you in transferring your collected payment data to an external service such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, and Box!
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Titan can create or update data in Salesforce to trigger automations according to the logic that comes after payment processes.
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Access Titan’s supplementary offerings to transform your end-to-end payment processes, such as invoices, contract agreements, signatures, and more!

The Benefit of Titan with PayPal

Titan is the most well-suited platform for integrating PayPal into your Salesforce system. Combined with Titan’s automated features, customer transactions are fast and a breeze!

We can help you connect your custom donation forms, payment sections on registration forms, and e-commerce processes with Salesforce to work more quickly and efficiently. Contact Titan on one of our social media channels below to start integrating PayPal into your website!

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