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Best Practice Tips on Titan for Salesforce: Picklists Made Easy for Quality Healthcare

Advanced Healthcare at your Fingertips

Does the staff at your medical health clinic spend many hours manually entering healthcare information into Salesforce?

Manually updating medical history forms, in Salesforce can sometimes be time-consuming. But the information filled in on this form—such as patients’ medication, health complications, and allergies, — is vital to their healthcare.

Discover how Titan assisted healthcare employees to use Picklists and Dynamic Values in Titan to their advantage.

Stumbling Blocks

Medical Care Made Easy

Forms that contain multiple services that a medical health clinic offers, where a patient has to multi-select the required services, must have up-to-date data.

Customer feedback indicated that:

  1. When a medical records administrator was building/updating several forms, they often forgot to include new services, medications, allergies, etc. that were offered by the Clinic.
  2. If a patient searched for a specific account in the look-up field, the selected account’s contact list was not updated to be shown on the drop-down list.

The issue was that there were a number of items in the drop-down list that had not been updated in real-time.

The challenge was to make it easier for the medical staff and their patients to access and find relevant up-to-date content.

But what happens when a community healthcare clinic has to reimagine everything about how they provide services to their patients?

Delivering new solutions with Titan

Read on to give you a better idea of how Titan can boost efficiency at your health center.

Dynamically get Salesforce Picklist Values

If your medical records administrator spends a lot of time logging updates, it’s time to free up their time from wasteful administrative work with Titan’s Dynamic Values.

By updating the lists on a page using Dynamic Values in Titan, the list in Salesforce grabs the list as dynamic values to the form, meaning that every time the list is updated in Salesforce, the form is automatically updated in minutes rather than spending hours.

Hence for every Dyanamic Value usage, Titan will create a picklist Get to effortlessly configure a dynamic sync from a picklist field in Salesforce when the page loads. You can select more than one picklist value from a list you define.

This can be useful when you want to create linked records within Salesforce.

Linked Records with Salesforce

Dynamically create Dependencies between Project Elements

If you are a Salesforce user, a benefit is that Titan can help enhance the end-user experience by leveraging relationships in Salesforce.

To do this, one can make use of the lookup field to associate two records in a relationship.

The medical records administrator can use the’ Account Name’ lookup field to associate a specific record with a specific account. When editing a lookup field, the medical records administrator must find the right record to associate it with the drop-down list, dynamically creating a dependency between elements.

To accomplish this, we explain where the lookup search comes in handy.

For example, a patient can search for a list of medicines (this is the look-up field), and then on the dropdown, we will find a list of allergies associated with the patient’s medication history, making the search quick and easy for both the patient and the medical doctor treating the patient.

This way, the Contact record we create will be linked to the Account record created above.

Together, We Strengthen Healthcare

Titan afforded healthcare employees the unmatched flexibility to create dynamic values in Salesforce so that every time the list is updated in Salesforce, it is automatically updated within the form.

All this without writing any code.

In addition, the list of services appears in multiple forms and the user does not need to update manually several forms for any new service, list medicines, allergies, medical conditions, etc.

With Titan, users can now easily add or edit Dynamic Values in a drop-down menu from the fields area of a Salesforce object, making the process seamless.

Dynamic Health Evaluation Forms

This enables the business to bring Dynamic Values from Salesforce into select and multi-select lists, drop-downs, checkboxes, radio or even buttons, and many more elements.

“With Titan, we have reduced our turnaround time by collecting vital information from our patients, which is important to their onboarding to help increase accuracy and efficiency with just a few clicks.” Medical Records Administrator, ”our patients have also expressed their satisfaction with the tool, stating it is very easy and simple to use.”

Want to know more about Titan’s amazing features? Check out all our step-by-step tutorials for more tips on how to set Dynamic Values for various elements from Salesforce.

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