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All features include drag & drop functionality. NO CODE needed.

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Connect your employees, vendors, and customer to their Salesforce data

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Tailor your content to your customers directly from Salesforce

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Manage cases, accounts, contact and leads


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    Ariel Michaeli
    „One of the most powerful Platforms we use. As a Salesforce integrator, we find Titan Platform to be one of the strongest tools we use in our project for our customers. the solution holds lots...“
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    Amir Eliasy
    „Titan enables us to go to market faster and reduce implementation costs to an absolute minimum. This gives us capacity for more projects than we could take on otherwise with more revenue earned...“
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    Kathy Dunne
    „Very powerful This is a powerful form building and document merge tool; you can adjust just about anything anywhere on the page. The learning curve can be a bit steep if you are used to other...“
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    Oshrit Basson
    „Answer every use case that I needed highly recommended. This tool is very easy to use and they have amazing tutorial videos that explain how to do everything ! and if it isn’t clear yet, they...“
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    Shruthi Vasudeva
    „Powerful product - simple and effective. The product is very easy to understand with lots of resources and videos. The support team is super responsive with questions/requests addressed same...“
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