10,000 Salesforce Automations per Second via the AppExchange

That’s at least 60k automations per minute! Effortlessly streamline any business process at speed and scale using Titan’s no-code workflow tool for Salesforce. Find us on the AppExchange!

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The premier workflow tool

With Titan, AppExchange customers can create any workflow process they want in a few clicks

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Bi-directional Integration

Build flexible and robust business processes with real-time Salesforce data

End-to-end Secure

Our flows are 100% secure and compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO, GDPR and other leading frameworks

Workflows for any use case you can dream of
on the AppExchange

Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read any file and push it to Salesforce

Titan’s OCR feature enables you to upload and process any doc you can think of to create Salesforce records in seconds

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Drivers Licenses
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Identification Documents
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Streamline approval processes in Salesforce

Create, route, update, execute, and report on approval processes in Salesforce with Titan Flow

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Absence Requests
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Training Requests
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Budget Approvals
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Onboard Suppliers

Connect your favorite third-party storage apps to Salesforce

You’re spoilt for choice with Titan’s wide range of storage integration options

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Google Drive
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Amazon S3
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FTP Integrations

Effortlessly merge any file for Salesforce

Automatically merge any file in any format you can think of using absolutely no-code with Titan for Salesforce

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Scan barcodes to ramp up your workflows

Scan barcodes with ease and push them to Salesforce to automate business flows

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Code 39
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QR Codes
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Code 128
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Create fluent approval processes via the AppExchange

Design and execute any approval process you can think of to connect users both in and out of Salesforce. From contract and budget approvals, to purchase requisitions and vacation requests, you can do it all using our no-code flow builder. You can find us on the Salesforce AppExchange

Real-time Salesforce Data

Create powerful workflows to push and pull real-time data directly to and from your team’s Salesforce databases. Automate every stage of your business processes while making Salesforce your single source of truth with Titan’s flexible flow tool

External file storage

Unlike some of our competitors on the AppExchange, with Titan, you can store files in and out of Salesforce. We integrate with all major third-party storage systems like OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and much more. You never need to feel stuck for space again

The most robust payment integrations on the AppExchange

Our smooth workflows for Salesforce integrate with countless leading payment platforms for secure and convenient transactions. Get fast checkouts and the ability to take on customers at scale when you choose a reliable payment provider





The most Feature-Rich Flows on the AppExchange


Automated Processes

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Connected Approvals

Barcode Scanning

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3rd Party Integrations

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Conditional Logic

AppExchange Products

Salesforce Integration: Titan Forms

Titan Forms

Titan gives you no-code, dynamic forms for employees, customers, and partners

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce AppExchange

Titan’s suite of no-code apps integrate seamlessly with Salesforce

Salesforce: Titan Sign Integration

Titan Sign

Titan gives you seamless signing processes and codeless e-signatures

Titan Flow Connects Users in and Out of Salesforce

Titan Flow truly connects users both inside and outside Salesforce, saving us time and automating tedious manual work.

Liam Abrams

All in one Workflow Platform

Titan has helped us every step along the way, streamlining workflows in our nonprofits and speeding up application processing by 50%.

Ana Martinez


What are the benefits of using Titan Flow?

The main benefits of using Titan Flow for Salesforce are increased accuracy and efficiency while getting streamlined workflows.

Does Titan have any user guides on Titan Flow?

Yes, Titan has user guides on Titan Flow and all our products. Read more on our Support Center.

Can I add a Salesforce Action in Titan Flow?

Adding a Salesforce action in Titan Flow gives your business the edge by syncing data bi-directionally with Salesforce in-real time to streamline workflows.

Can I use Salesforce APEX Actions with Titan Flow?

Titan Flow allows admins to configure Salesforce Apex actions to select the preferred objects for assignments that require data from an APEX Class in Salesforce. Additional settings provided by Titan Flow include parameters and mapping of Salesforce fields, ensuring full Salesforce integration with no code!

Can I Configure Salesforce Mapping for Titan Flow?

Titan Flow extends your business digital experience by allowing admins to configure Salesforce parameters and mapping for bi-directional data syncing with Titan.

Want the most fluent workflows on the AppExchange? Try Titan today!

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