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Create custom forms, collect and pre-fill data, use conditional logic, and automate business processes with our no-code Salesforce forms builder. Find Titan Forms on the AppExchange to experience real-time integration and work with any object

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Fastest Growing Community Add-on for Salesforce

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The #1 Forms App

With Titan, you get the most customizable and easy-to-use Salesforce AppExchange Forms

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Fully Accessible

Titan Forms are fully accessible and meet all requirements outlined in section 508

Map Salesforce Objects

Select, map, and add conditions to elements in forms that relate to objects in Salesforce

Salesforce AppExchange Forms for any Use Case

Personalized Forms for Premium Patient Care via the AppExchange

Get forms that enhance healthcare by catering to the needs of individual patients

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Initial Visit
Patient Forms
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Patient Registration
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Billing Records
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Most Highly Rated Salesforce AppExchange Forms for Finance

Titan accelerates financial cloud innovation by understanding you customer’s needs

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Loan Applications
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App Registrations
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Opening Form
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Savings Plan
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Salesforce AppExchange Forms to extend the Education Cloud

Find Titan’s Forms for Salesforce on the AppExchange transform the education industry

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Grade Reports
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Assessment Forms
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Membership Applications
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Advisor Forms
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Tech’s First Choice for Salesforce AppExchange Forms

Get Titan’s cutting-edge forms for technology on the AppExchange

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IT Service
Request Form
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New User
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Maximize Marketing with Titan’s easy-to-use Forms

With Titan, you get the AppExchange’s most intuitive forms for marketing

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Event Registration
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Net Promoter
Score Form
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Promotion Forms
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smiling woman with arms folded with customer feedback form

Special Discounts for Nonprofits on the AppExchange

Call for volunteers, raise funds, and accept donations with Titan’s Forms for Nonprofits

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Consent Forms
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Tracking Forms
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Flexible Forms for Real Life Scenarios

Unlike other form tools for Salesforce on the AppExchange, our product is very flexible! Titan empowers you to read and write from multiple objects in real-time. You will be able to add any logic and work with any data structure: one to many, many to many, junction objects, lookup fields, formulas, list views, and related lists.

Titan is the only product that gives you the power to edit bulk records, use grid views, and upload files. With us, the sky is the limit and you can design forms with zero limits and no-code!

Multiple objects

Endless options

Any layout

Flexible Data Structures

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Automate any Business Process

Streamline and automate any process you can think of via the AppExchange when you choose Titan’s Forms for Salesforce. For example, you can use data collected through forms to automatically create, route, and score leads. You can also choose to update records in Salesforce or create reports based on form data

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Push and pull real-time Salesforce data

Titan Forms give you the ability to pull all the latest data from any object into your form and send back submissions in real-time.

Learn more about Salesforce dynamic forms

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Seamlessly Embed Salesforce Forms in your Website

Embed fully responsive dynamic forms for Salesforce directly in your web page, form, or document in minutes and seconds using Titan’s intuitive forms tool. You can use both Script and iFrame. the choice is yours!

The most Feature-Rich Forms on the AppExchange

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Dynamic Content


Map to any Object

Payment Integrations

Real-Time Integration

Responsive Design and Custom Branding

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Conditional Logic

AppExchange Products

Salesforce Integration: Titan Web

Titan Web

The Top, No-Code Experience Cloud Builder

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce AppExchange

Titan’s suite of no-code apps integrate seamlessly with Salesforce

Salesforce: Titan Sign Integration

Titan Sign

Titan gives you seamless signing processes and codeless e-signatures

Formtitan is integral to keeping my non-profit efficient and functional!

Formtitan offers incredible control over data and great power in the ability to read and push data to and from Salesforce. The table feature is a huge bonus as you are able to expose data when needed. Really loving the latest form builder as it offers more flexibility to my forms.

Vicki Teel

Excellent Live Support

It’s very user friendly and easy to use. If you have any problem building a form or designing it, they have live chat feature to chat with their support team. I have experience with another digital form similar to FormTitan, but I would highly recommend FormTitan.

Anita Tansil


Do I need any development or coding experience to use Titan forms?

No, all Titan’s forms are 100% codeless and you do not require any manual set up.

Are there any webinars where I can learn more about Titan forms?

Yes, Titan has a great introduction to the basics of Titan forms on this webinar.

Do Titan Forms ever upgrade?

Yes Titan Forms are always improving and evolving and you can read about our latest and biggest upgrade yet on our article on Titan Forms 2.0.

Are Titan Forms Dynamic?

Yes, Titan Forms are fully dynamic so you can work with any layout you choose in Salesforce for maximum flexibility.

Does Titan have form templates?

Yes, Titan has a range of form templates to choose from and customize. Read more on our ultimate guide to Titan Forms.

Can I write to multiple Salesforce objects?

Yes, Titan supports pushing to unlimited objects, unlimited relationships, unlimited junction objects and related lists in Salesforce. You can also write to single or multiple records in any action.

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