Main Features

Easy to use Patented technology

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

All features include drag & drop functionality. NO CODE needed

Dynamic Pre-Fill

Dynamic Pre-Fill

Display data from multiple Salesforce & SAP objects in real-time



Protect your forms with two-factor authentication or SSO

No Parameters

No Parameters

Identify your customers without passing parameters to your forms



Upload multi files, generate documents and push to related files/attachments object

Payment Integration

Payment Integration

Capture payments and donations with a variety of vendors. Single/recurring payments.



Split your form into multiple pages and increase your conversions

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic

Control any field behaviors, trigger actions, and validate

Custom Design

Custom design

Pixel perfect design, responsive layout with or without CSS

Complex Fields

Complex fields

Including tables, lookups, repeated elements, file viewers, calendars, maps and more

Easy to use for Form Fillers and Creators

Form Filler

Engaging forms with real-time read and write integration
from Salesforce or & SAP


Robust, built for business use cases. Fully integrated with Salesforce & SAP.



Can I embed Titan Forms in my website?

Yes, we provide a variety of publishing methods and you can embed your form using the Script or iFrame options, which are fully responsive as well.

Can I send a link to the Dynamic form to my customer and have it prepopulated ?

Yes, you can pre-populate fields via record id to pull data from Salesforce back to the form.

How can I make sure my dynamic form url is secured?

We provide a unique 2FA technology AKA Smart V and you can also use SSO (single sign on) with any SAML2 provider.

Can I embed my form in a WordPress site?

Yes, IFRAME or Script publishing methods can be used to embed the form in WordPress. It’s also responsive by design.

Can I write to multiple salesforce objects?

Yes, we support pushing to unlimited objects, unlimited relationships, unlimited junction objects and related lists in Salesforce. You can also write to single or multiple records in any action.

Can I upload files through the forms?

Yes, you can create files, request use to upload files and store them as a file or attachment in salesforce.

Can I upload a file to a specific folder?

Yes, you can choose how and where to upload your files.

Can I use it inside a Salesforce Community?

Yes, Dynamic forms can be used outside salesforce in your portal or website.

Can I secure the form with a Single Sign On (SSO)?

Yes, any SAML2 provider is supported.

Can I read from related lists?

You can read from a related list and populate the data into a Table, Repeated sections and more.

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Titan is a reflection of its users. and they are awesome!
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Security and compliance

The highest standards of Security and compliance:
HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, Salesforce SHIELD compatible

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