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Gretchen Allnutt
„Amazing Tool and Support! - My New Go-To. I am a Salesforce Consultant who does a lot of form-heavy work. I have used the majority of form tools available, most of which sacrifice...“
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Ariel Michaeli
„One of the most powerful Platforms we use. As a Salesforce integrator, we find Titan Platform to be one of the strongest tools we use in our project for our customers. the solution holds lots...“
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Devika Bhatt
„Robust tool, smooth integration with Salesforce and amazing debugging functionality. Lots of amazing features that you can make use of. Pushing form responses back to salesforce is extremely...“
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Fionta Consultant
„Titan is Powerful! Amit and the team at FormTitan have done an amazing job of ramping me and my team up to use Titan. We had a complex use case that involved multiple queries and pushes of...“
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Tzipi Mentch
„The perfect solution!! This tool helps with almost all SF integration needs, and if not, you can chat with the support and they will do the best to help you!! Very recommended!“
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Tammy Sager
„The best SF integrated Form and Web builder. Technical support is top notch. My questions matter and are answered quickly. There is a lot to learn because this tool is so all encompassing....“
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Zeba Shaikh
„Easy, Awesome and Helpful tool!! Super easy tool to create attractive forms. And you can do so much more with the extensive types of elements provided. Also, the documentation and support is...“
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Ofir Bar
„Great Tool! An effective tool for creating forms. Stunningly interfaces to Salesforce. easy to use, I recommend!“
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Michal Chorev
„A wonderful tool!! Been working with the Titan for a few months now and fell in love with it! So easy to learn (with the great Titan Academy videos), and so easy to use, and the customers are...“
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Menachem Twersky
„The most powerful platform and app! As a salesforce partner that provides service to many and varying customers, I find form titan to be the platform that provides us with the most easy and...“
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Raz Yogev
„Excellent! Amazing product and support. Wish it was available sooner. Would've save a lot of time with better user experience.“
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Malam sf
„We used this product within a project for registering contacts and making payments. Working with this product was very convenient, in addition the service we received was excellent.“
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Gabi Harel
„Incredible tool! I just recently got exposed to Titan and learned how to use it. It is an ultra-powerful tool, which extends the Salesforce abilities beyond belief. You cannot exaggerate when...“
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Tal Balas
„A MUST HAVE APP! This app is super ! excellent service, Very intuitive and have a lot of videos tutorials“
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Danielle Galiano
„Best Form Tool Around. I am a consultant and use Titan/FormTitan with almost every client of mine. It is extremely versatile and can do almost anything needed. It has so many use cases for...“
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Value Stream Consulting
„Best Form Tool Around. I am a consultant and use Titan/FormTitan with almost every client of mine. It is extremely versatile and can do almost anything needed. It has so many use cases for...“
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Mitchell Xeplatis
„Incredible Support. This is a powerful tool with *some* learning curve - but the FT team is ready to help out at every turn. I've never once had an issue that their team wasn't able to fix...“
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Cindy Wu
„Excellent and fast service. My problem was solved quickly by Benny. Once I created a case, the support team contacted me immediately. I am really appreciated. My issue was the date/time is one...“
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Gigi Chan
„Comprehensive Form Tool with Excellent Support Team. The tool FormTitan itself provides comprehensive features for its users to create forms integrating with Salesforce. Moreover, the customer...“
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Frank Dineen
„Form Titan Excellent. We are a small company - with a very specific use case - We sought a program that was capable of taking fields in Salesforce and prepopulating onto very specific and...“
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Amir Eliasy
„Titan enables us to go to market faster and reduce implementation costs to an absolute minimum. This gives us capacity for more projects than we could take on otherwise with more revenue earned...“
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Duncan Miller
„Fantastic Product and Brilliant Support. Form Titan is a brilliant bit of software and well worth the money. The guys also offer a premium level of support. Fantastic experience all round....“
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Lance Ghidotti
„Excellent Customer Service. I have recently joined salesforce and was looking for a form company to integrate with our salesforce platform. Titan has been a breeze. The capabilities it has are...“
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David Barnett
„Fantastic tool, fantastic support. This is one of the coolest things I've ever worked with. Easy to use (lots of options, so be patient with yourself). To compensate for the (good) complexity,...“
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Marvin Leininger
„Feature Packed Product With Instant ROI. Titan is packed with functionality and is the best ROI of any app we have installed in our org. The Titan team is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful,...“
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Courtney Bethem Phillips
„Flexible tool with simple form builder options and advanced options for the most complex solutions. Every time I use Form Titan for a client's instance, I'm learning something new that this...“
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Russ Dale
„Best Value for any product I've ever gotten on the app exchange. Bought for the nonprofit organization I work at. We've used Form Titan to integrate the now over 60 customer facing forms to...“
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„Perfect tool for Integration. Product: One of the Powerful Product i've used so far! The product is easy to setup and configure as required by the business and product is very easy to...“
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Cassio Roman
„Great tool with an excellent support. It's a very powerful tool with many integration options. The potential seems to be unlimited - all the solutions I needed, I found it there. There are...“
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Brittany Nobach
„FormTitan is AMAZING! Amit and his team are absolutely the best! They are very helpful and will provide you with the tools to get you going. They are available to help when needed and also...“
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Chris Lagarde
„A noncoding Salesforce admin can do a lot with Titan. As the Salesforce admin for a nonprofit I created a portal using Titan. I've been pleased at how well it works. It saved us hours of...“
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Ricardo Nardes Marcelino
„You can do so much with Titan. We got the hang of it very quickly. The form builder is really simple to understand, and everything is well documented. I needed to enter in contact to their...“
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Alex Kuzminsky

It is highly recommended. I used the DOC generation (word) tool to prepare Quotes. Benny, Gal, Nakita and Shneor helped me with any issue I had, were available...“

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Milla Chappell

Thank you Form Titan. Our organization is so thrilled with Form Titan! Amit and his team have been extremely helpful and responsive, and we are thankful for the...“

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kumar shubham
„l've been using few form builders in the past, i found the titan after trying to improve my conversion rates and all the tools i've found were very expensive. this tool gives me a very simple...“
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Jakys Gardyner
„just Amazing! This was everything i was looking for. i love it.“
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Moti Lippmann
„I am using forms for the last 20 years and must recommend the FormTitan super builder. I can finally get more people to help me out since it is so simple to use... Enjoy it- cause I do :)“
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Cynthia C.
„FormTitan online form builder has been a real time saver for me. I am saving a lot of time and able to create landing pages and online forms in just minutes. Just try it - don't hesitate - it's...“
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Daniele Anelli
„Fantastic service. You can choose if you want or bot track ip. It's important because privacy Law is very important. Excellent chat.“
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Nir itzhak
„Great service, so easy to use, high value for money!“
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Dibakar Sahoo
„Excellent service, very easy to use, zero downtime.. i will recommend formtitan to everyone to use. Thanks Dibakar“
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Jorge eliecer gutierrez
„Excelente a pesar del no hablar ingles me ayudo mucho“
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Emily ruddy
„Easy to use form creator, fast learning curve, endless possibilities. your online support is very helpful.“
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Edmond kelin
„i would like to share my expirence here: simple, easy, and a very friendly suport team“
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shani cohen lotan
„I am a graphic designer and I am very happy to use this free form builder, it was a life saver and my clients are very happy with the online forms created. I would like to thank the formtitan...“
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James cohen
„I'm running an IT team and my entire forms processing is now based on the form titan online form builder, its so great and i am happy to be a premium user.“
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Ray Keen
„FormTitan is incredible! I've used several other products and paid much more for less value. The integration with Salesforce is user-friendly and fast. WOW, just WOW!!!“
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Jehonatan Leurer
„Coeus i.e Intelligent integration A product whose integration with Salesforce is improving every day. I did not find a better complementary product. You do not need code knowledge but just...“
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Rori De La Cruz
„Best Form Integration to SF / Great customer support Form Titan has the best features you can imagine, greatly help our business, all our requirements has been met. We are currently using the...“
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Arkadi kristal
„Excellent application! Highly recommended! Accessible and easy to use. Implementing the application in our organization made the work more efficient. And Thanks for the quick and high-level...“
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Lior Ofer
„i'm in love i have been using the form titan form builder for a few months now and my experience with the tool and with the customer support is excellent. the tool offers an amazing form editor...“
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Yelena Kneller
„amazing tool! Formtitan is a great tool! Not only is it economical for my nonprofit clients, it is also an extremely customization and powerful form builder. The integration with Salesforce is...“
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Sara Kalker
„Very fast to respond and help with any issues. Can't wait to get more familiar with the product.“
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Levi Mendelson
„Great product - a wonderful solution After I have been using same solution from another company for years I have to say that this product is the best I've ever met! I would like to emphasize...“
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John Sims
„Great Application with Even Better Service For our non-profit, FormTitan has proved to be a great asset to help us grow. The product is innovative and easy to use, and powerful enough to...“
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Gittel kaplan
„amazing experience working with formtitan We are an immediate medical response organization and need to produce forms in PDF format. Formtitan seems to be the answer for us. We have received...“
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Ronen Moran
„Best product in the market!!! Best support and more!!! Do not hasitat, get the product!!!“
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Aaron Talone
„True to their Word. Perhaps the most important lesson in business is to understand as early in your career as possible to do one thing: tell people what you are going to do and then do it....“
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Mandy Brown
„Amazing Product and Support Form Titan has been a game changer for our non-profit. It is intuitive and highly customizable for whatever you need. The best part is the amazing support. Benny is...“
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Michaël Reijenga
„Great tool, great support. This form does things which others really can't. Support has been amazing . Put this on top of your list when reviewing solutions.“
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Asaf Yoshpe
„A winning combination of great professional service and crazy features including digital signature, PDF files and especially the option for Get and Push Data with Salesforce. As a Salesforce...“
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Yaniv Ben Yosef
„Great app! a lot more than just a form! Form Titan is a powerful tool that helps our organization to manage data with salesforce in a simple and very effective way! table option is amazing!...“
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Sergey Erlikh
„Great in functionality features and support. Formtitan is the excellent web forms application. It has the unique set of features and stands out in flexibility and extendability possibilities....“
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oded breda
„Finally a form which is more than a form. We put TITAN into work as a replacement for another product. At first it was because of price and the option to work with half the price with pre-fill....“
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Marah Studniski
„Never using another form again! We've been using Jotform and Zapier for years but nothing has came close to the integration we can achieve with FormTitan and Salesforce. There is a slight...“
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Yuval Spin
„Great product. I just love it. very easy to use with excellent salesforce integration and other features i haven't seen in other products, like tables lookups etc.“
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Ruslan Dadashev
„Great Formbuilder. So we used a different system untill we were advised to take a look at FormTitan and we were instantly sold. Amazing support, amazing builder, amazing everything!“
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Corrina Cohen
„Easy to use, fantastic support, enterprise for the price of one integrated user on other apps I have tried almost every form builder available for SF. Not only can this form builder actually...“
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Danny Denan
„High cost effectiveness. We have experianse with many form builders. The big advantage of this form builder is its ability to interact with SF online. Their support is excellent.“
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Edmond DeFrank
„We have been searching all over for a good enterprise app solution for Salesforce. We finally found it with FormTitan! This product has more features and is easier to use than any other...“
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Brian Deady
„Wonderful App with Fantastic Support! This application is very good and the support is second to none. Very friendly staff and very willing to help. The application itself does more than its...“
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Shalan Wilkins
„TRULY the best out there - HANDS DOWN! The team at FormTitan have created the most robust and feature-rich form Application I've ever seen! The program itself is GENIUS with several...“
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Parik Dhody
„Great Product and Great Service. The product is easy to use and fast and efficient customer service. I found that this has so many use cases across a number of area's and within Salesforce...“
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Dana Gold
„Highly recommended application (Salesforce integrator). We implemented this application to various customers. Very user-friendly and countless capabilities functionality. it's much more than a...“
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Seraph White
„Fantastic software and service. We've been super happy so far with FormTitan. They are extremely responsive and their software is works really well with multiple salesforce objects. We've been...“
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Mario Ramirez
„Easy to use feature-rich interface coupled with tremendous customer service. Couldn't be happier, so glad we found FormTitan!“
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Collin Rich
„Solid product and very helpful. The FormTitan team took the time to understand my needs, and then helped me get my first forms up and running very quickly.“
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Alex Nicholas
„Ticks all the boxes. Quite simply, fantastic. The product itself is great with many integrations (including multiple payment processors), but most importantly it's complemented with good...“
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Gabriel Essemini
„This form builder is just perfect. First, it is fully connected to Salesforce so you can read and write on any record of any object of Salesforce. Second the platform is very easy to use, you...“
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Kate Jacobson
„This form builder is seriously amazing, I have been searching for one like this for years. Their customer service is amazing as well, I inquired about hiding and showing fields when a button is...“
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Hannah Kim
„Awesome Form Building Tool. Form Titan is wonderful and seamless to use - they have an incredibly supportive team who is quick to respond and also will walk you through the product and any...“
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harsha B R
„Excellent Form Builder App. Strongly recommend using this App to build any sort of Web-to-Lead Forms, Standard object forms, custom object forms and integrate seamlessly with Salesforce. One of...“
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Maor vahav
„Amazing product! This Form Builder is way beyond a simple form builder, it has so many features and makes presenting info in a smart way such an easy task! Never encountered a task it can't do...“
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Andrew Bauer
„Fantastic Product with Excellent Customer Service. We have been so impressed with the service and functionality with Form Titan. It is easy to use and integrate out of the box. Really well done.“
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Shai Aron
„Amazing platform! I really enjoy working with this form builder.“
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Sofi Mor
„just wonderful. So many options to develop interfaces with my clients, excellent work guys“
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Israeli Association of Construction & Infrastructure Engineers
„Excellent and Amazing. FormTitan is easy to use, support complex client interface flows with high-end results.“
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Nadav Gez
„Great Tool and Fast and professional Support. It's a pleasure to work with Formtitan team.“
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Mor Baranes
„Great form Builder. We were looking for a form builder that will support our requirements and Form Titan answeres all our needs, that were very complicated. The support is great and immediate....“
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Ruth Hagar Klarman
„Best Salesforce Form Tool. Great Form Tool - fast and easy. We are using it to integrate with Salesforce. Less than an hour I have a working web form that populated form base data from...“
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Maoz Admission
„Great software with amazing support. This year we started working with FormTitan and we are very happy with the software and especially the support. Excellent web form builder that enables to...“
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Lorraine Hopkins
„Great support. Appreciated the support as we built our first form and integrated with Salesforce. Support response time is great. FormTitan took time to understand our needs and accommodated...“
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„The best forms builder I have worked with. It is friendly, flexible and solves any problem I`d face with, and above all an excellent customer support.“
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Amy Cobb
„Great tool, great support. This is a really great form building tool - there is lot of flexibility with how data can integrate with Salesforce. They also have fantastic customer service. Benny...“
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Chris Ballar
„Impeccable tool! This form builder has a tight integration with Salesforce. Numerous drag drop feature, great support & prompt responses for any raised queries. I highly recommend...“
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Omer Hess
„Number 1 Form Builder by far. I have been working with Form Titan several months now. The capabilities are endless and the customer support is outstanding!! Definitely recommend this app, as it...“
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Geffen Dardosh
„Excellent form builder. So many options and great flexibility. Intuitive and user-friendly interface. Very convenient to work with. Great support, fast and efficient. Highly recommended!“
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Alon Metrikin-Gold
„Amazing form builder with wonderful support! Started using Form Titan and have fallen in love with it. Super intuitive, with a ton of capabilities. Makes form creation and updating records in...“
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michael thorpe
„Perfect for our needs! Very good UI, very good support from the team too. Would recommend.“
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Diandre Langlais
„Great app and AMAZING support. I was looking for a great form builder that wouldn't cost a fortune and after much deliberation went with FormTitan. I'm so glad I did. The builder is simple use...“
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Jim Kerr
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Kengi Magallanes
„Formtitan is the best Form Builder. I've trying to use so many other Form builders, But it didn't really work. until my Boss told me about Formtitan and it's already connected to SF. So, I was...“
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David Giller
„The best form/survey/CSAT/RSVP/evite tool for Salesforce! I've used lots of form-building, survey and RSVP tools that integrate with Salesforce. None of them are as powerful or as flexible as...“
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Yaqi Zhu
„Best Customer Support + Robust functionality. We have been worked with Formtitan people during 3 weeks, and they are always responsive to our questions, problems and also creative requirements....“
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Alon Segal
„This tool is just Freaking amazin!!! I can't find any words to describe how much this tool helps accomplished our company's vision. we just finished building a beautiful employee portal that...“
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Sys Admin
„Unequivocally the best. I'm using Titan for the last 3 months. my use case is quite complex and im very impressed so far. The platform allows me to easily interact with multiple custom objects,...“
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Ella Stelter
„Very useful tool with great support. We just started using it, but I am excited about the ability collect structured information from people outside our org that links to existing Salesforce...“
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Jesus Zayas
„Best form Builder hands down!! I've started working with Cloud Pages in Salesforce Marketing cloud and quickly noticed it's limitations and things you wanted to do had to have workarounds by...“
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Naima Monira
„FormTitan: Absolutely amazing tool and even more exceptional service! FormTitan is quite an extraordinary tool and the potential for its utilization is unlimited. Coming from a non-technical...“
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Carmen Neely
„Form Titan is the most flexible form app and comes with excellent customer service! As a nonprofit with a tight budget, we were looking for a solution to a challenge regular nonprofit donor...“
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Bhavana Singh
„Excellent Salesforce Integration and A+ customer support. Form titan provides a very quick way to integrate with your Salesforce instance. There is a lot of flexibility provided and the support...“
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Saul Zenkevicius
„Hands Down the BEST forms solution for SFDC; BAR NONE! Benny and the team at FormTitan are simply unmatched! This forms solution all that and so much more! This will revolutionize your business...“
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Tim Schug
„Impressive results! With just one project, FormTitan has saved us hours, if not days, of work. We were able to quickly create a form that read data from Salesforce so that individuals did not...“
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Lily Chan
„Best Form Integration Tool on Salesforce Try a couple of different tools and this one performs the best. It includes lots of functions other tools do not have and provide almost immediately...“
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Kenny Briel
„A Must Have! We have been looking for something to allow us to integrate forms into Salesforce and this works amazingly well. By using FormTitan, we will be able to save many hours of data...“
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Greg Devine
„Read the reviews - FormTitan is a game changer. Have been implementing Salesforce and using form packages for many years. Over last few months have been implementing FormTitan. In terms of...“
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Jeffrey Obrien
„Brilliant Form Builder. No form builder compares to this one. Some highlights are the ease of integration with Salesforce (does not require a managed package), total customization of...“
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Helen Hoepfner
„Easy to use and great support. These guys! What can I say. Once you play around you get the hang of it and there are so many templates. These guys are really responsive and went the extra mile...“
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Jeremy Calogero
„Easy to use and great support. This app is great for creating custom forms. It's easy to configure, and if you do get stuck, their support team is amazing. Any time I've had questions in the...“
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Korhan Mulcar
„Best Support Ever. We needed a survey tool to collect responses and comments back to Salesforce. I did an extensive search on survey applications that offers easy integration with Salesforce...“
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Claude Edkins
„Best Form Platform. Period.... I have used at least 5 other form platforms as part of Salesforce integrations and this platform is by far the best I have experienced. The flexible capabilities...“
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Alida Castillo
„intuitive and integrates well I am very happy with Formtitan. It completely integrates with salesforce both getting and putting data. It is straightforward to use, not complicated yet it has...“
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Batsheva Epand
„Amazing features, great customer service and constantly improving abilities. I have been using Form Titan for a while and am extremely happy as I am able to give my off SF users such amazing...“
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Debbie Shwartzman
„Great App! It took us less than two months to improve our digital work, simply life (and work) changing! Don't think twice- after trying few form solutions that integrate with salesforce, Form...“
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Veronica Pandea
„Rich in features and great support. Benny has been fantastic, always responding quickly within hours and would jump in for a call to help me troubleshoot any issues. Formtitan is really...“
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Otto Pohl
„Amazing app. I have been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for a while and worked with numerous developers and apps. I have been absolutely blown away by the power and functionality of...“
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Nicole Troberg
„A 'REAL' 5 -Star Solution. With limitless possibilities, we've implemented FormTitan in only 2 areas so far, but have a pipeline of ideas and plans! With seamless bi-directional synchronization...“
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Melody Goede
„I love this app!! This app is a life saver, easy to use and loaded with functionality! And the customer service is some of the best ever, Bennie is responsive and extraordinarily helpful. Huge...“
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Steeve Seidel
„It does what nothing has be done before.... super great support. It takes everything in and outside salesforce. It fills Pdf automatically. It supports every objects in SF. I love it.“
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Tom Check
„Total Game Changer! As a nonprofit with never-enough-employees for all the work that needs to get done, I'm always looking to save time. FormTitan is saving us time (and money) in an incredible...“
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Itay Ben-David
„The Power of Disruption is...Titan! I would like to make a recommendation for the innovative forms & documents platform, FormTitan. After numerous of projects I did with them. From light to...“
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Chiho Sullivan
„Best Form Builder and Payment Processing Out There!!!! I have used, tried, and had demos for so many form softwares that I had given up! Then I found FormTitan and my world changed. The two...“
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Sarig Wohlstein
„Best App Best Service. It isn't often that you meet with Excellent app but even Much better service. Let Start with the app - It seems that there is no limit to what it can do - from simple...“
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Nechama Kopelman
„Excellent app and customer service. Benny and his team are amazing. respond right away, make changes you request and great to work with. The app itself is pretty cool. being able to push and...“
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Mike Bucci
„Really, really capable app. I reached out to several of the app providers looking for some specific capabilities (although some things that I would have thought all would have). Only FormTitan...“
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Merav Ben Menashe
„Wow!! An amazing product!! The perfect solution. Recommended in an understatement....“
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Amit Midha
„Titan to our business! First UK review here..... As a country we are going through some changes, Brexit ahem, as such decision making has been hard. As a business using Salesforce, making...“
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Meaghan Gilmore
„Best. Form. Builder. Ever. Form Titan has helped us to seamlessly and painlessly solve a ton of our most difficult business needs. The tool is easy to use and intuitive. Best of all, the...“
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Rupert McCammon
„New User to Form Titan. I recently subscribed to Form Titan's product and am working on upgrading some existing pardot forms to enhance our forms capabilities. The onboarding as a new customer...“
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David Adams
„So far, i'm impressed. I have been testing and now using this tool solidly for a few months at the point of writing this and so far it has been able to handle every scenario and weird detail...“
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Mal Schwartz
„Formtitan is a great app that has significantly increased our productivity. It is s a powerful - yet simple to use - tool to create forms that can easily integrate with Salesforce, by getting...“
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Fredrik Leuhusen
„Excellent solution to integration forms into SF. Very happy with the solution that Form Builder provides. Apart from the quick integration and setup time, the support from the team is...“
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Luke Bodley
„Incredible Product and Even Better Customer Service. All of the reviews are true. This platform enables you to do anything and was a lifesaver for handling data in Salesforce. The documentation...“
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Charlie Schilderink
„Outstanding Product, Documentation and Support. The reviews say it all! This is an outstanding product! Their documentation is excellent! Their support is even better. Swift response and they...“
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Amuta Nahal
„A change in a way we've worked We had a need to collect something like Alumni, but in a clever way, so people will not be forced to re-registered each time to our events. Formtitan allowed us...“
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Scott Perley
„Very powerful tool. Great support team Was looking for a tool for our non-profit to switch away from paper-based and spreadsheet inbound registrations and opted for the trial. While the tool...“
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Dan Marcure
„Great Product & Great Support. There has been no limit to what I can achieve using FormTitan and support has been able to point me in the right direction every time.“
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Robyn Lewis
„GET THIS FORM BUILDER. Cannot recommend this form build enough. I was able to build a form from scratch using push and get calls to and from Salesforce with custom and standard objects in a...“
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Rachel Shoflick
„FormTitan 5 Stars. Prior to deciding on FormTitan, I did extensive research on almost all form solutions on the AppExchange and FormTitan was far superior. The platform is powerful with the...“
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Steeve Seidel
„The make impossible, possible with FormTitan The possibility to communicate with Salesforce from every forms/internet page. Sync data, allow modify your data, use SmartV to identify. The must...“
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Andrea von Däniken
„Endless possibilities Formtitan has endless possibilities. It could be a bit more user-friendly... But it's the best.“
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Herb Senft
„Great product with excellent customer support The FormTitan product, along with their technical support, is outstanding. I have used a competing product, which while useful, was not as...“
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Martin Rasmussen
„Amazing software, brilliant support. I can honestly say, I have NEVER EVER experienced anything as brilliant as FormTitan. I signed up, when I needed a small task done, but now I use it...“
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Brianna Jonna
„Great Product, Great Support. I don't always take the time to review apps, but I have been SERIOUSLY impressed with FormTitan. The declarative capabilities and Salesforce Integration features...“
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Tanner Lorusso
„Formtitan is great We have enjoyed working with the team at Formtitan, and we are so happy this exists for Salesforce. The product is very intuitive and has helped us with a project that has...“
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Joelle Tiffany-Guy
„Great Product & Great Support. We have been using FormTitan for a few months now and so far, we have been EXTREMELY impressed with how well adaptable it has been to meet all our form...“
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Anna Carr
„Brilliant app with first class support. Form Titan has given us the much needed flexibility that other form tools do not allow, as another review aptly said 'the possibilities are endless' SF...“
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Tiago Carmona
„Robust Form Builder! I've been trying the tool on last month and I can say it is very complete in terms of questions, logic and validations. The integration with Salesforce works very well...“
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Yossi Machloof
„Amazing. Very powerful, versatile and full of support videos.“
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Linda McIntosh
„FormTitan Easy to Use, Real Value! We just created our first online dynamic form and was very impressed at how easy it was to create. Look forward to our next one. Well done, FormTitan!“
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Russ Dale
„Amazing Value for an App. FormTitan is an amazing app for its value, What we currently get for $69 a month would have cost us $200-$300+ a month with Formtitan's competitors that we looked at....“
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Gil Wainreb
„Perfect app. I have been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for almost 10 years and have worked with a number of apps. I have completely damaged FormTitan's power and functionality. Form Titan...“
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Roxana Anderson
„The best app for document generation and form creation. Form Titan is the best document generation and form creation app I have ever used with Salesforce. It is very powerful and easy to use,...“
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Alfred Kruger
„Amazing App!!! We have been a Form Titan user for a couple of months and I have to say - and I have had some experience with other form builder apps - but Form Titan blows all of them away....“
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Alex Zed
„Unrivaled form software with incredible support. We tried out several providers before realizing that Form Titan was the far superior solution on a number of fronts - meeting all of our...“
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Jonathan Newcomer
„Amazing Tool and Customer Support. I have used several form tools in the past, but this one is very versatile and easy to use. The ability to generate a document and include e-signature is an...“
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Jeff Toussaint
„Phenomenal Form Builder and Excellent Service. My experience with FormTitan has been phenomenal. The customer service, online video tutorials, and the application help guides have made my...“
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Damian Blackley
„Stupidly Powerful - Hands Down Best Solution Out There. I am regularly left in awe of what I am able to do with this tool - and the help documentation is excellent. An astonishing achievement -...“
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Suraj Patel
„Awesome Doc Gen Tool. Super Awesome Documentation tool with PDF, Docs and much more !!! Great Support Team and tutorials. 3 words, Simple, Easy, Awesome.“
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Jim Evans
„Easy to Use and Blazing Fast Support. We have integrated this solution to help with customer onboarding workflows where we need customers to provide data as part of their account setup,...“
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Zachary Alexander
„This App Should Be Ubiquitous The following are all features of this product. The scope of these services left our developer dumbfounded. Literally shocked. (1) Full Portal Capability (a) Log...“
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Laurel Curran
„Incredible tool, helpful team! FormTitan is my preferred tool, as it can replace Conga, FormAssembly, and DocuSign. It is powerful, flexible and affordable. It does have a significant learning...“
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Asaf SF
„My BFF - the Best Forms tool Forever. We use the Premium license and enjoy the ease of creating forms for Registration, Events and many more. Integration with Salesforce is really smooth and...“
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Atid Bari
„A must tool to have. Using Formtitan is irreplaceable - We created many forms with much more conditions and it WORKS! Getting and pushing data from Salesforce is easy and if I may say...“
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g-company Admin
„Great price for both web forms and merge docs. Having used several other tools, mostly forms and merge separately, Form Titan is a treat to work with. And for that price!“
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Tomer Tveria
„Perfect Solution!!!! Robust tool, Endless training movies in Hebrew & English. Best solution for forms/Landing Pages/Forms and much more!!!!“
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Noam Katz
„Amazing form tool!!! Great tool for creating web forms, generating pdf and much more!!!“
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Zalman Rb Weinshtok
„Titan is a game changer! I'm a Salesforce developer for the last five years and since I found out about Titan I hardly code! I am no longer using conga, Docusign, and FormStack. I don't need to...“
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Zaji Ruff
„Great App. Great tool, we use it in many different ways! Perfect for showing data from SF to a dynamic form! Really good for pushing data to SF with form like surveys etc.“
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Brett Sullivan
„Fantastic App! We've only been using this app for about a week, but we are very impressed so far and I found it easy to use yet incredibly powerful. The tech support from the developer has been...“
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Pia Louise Rasmussen
„Brilliant - gamechanger! Been using Formtitan for a while, and I keep getting impressed by the functionalities and possibilities. It is as if everything is possible! Besides the amazing app, as...“
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Boaz Sherez
„The best app on the market for forms! FormTitan is very intuitive and easy to operate. There are video tutorials on everything you might ask. The support is available 24/7 and provides...“
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Inbal Gavrilov
„one of a kind! Amazing Robust tool for creating web forms with extensive logic and design features, the automated integration with Salesforce is easy to configure and gives a lot of...“
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Shmuel Vered
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Shaul Shirel
„Excellent and flexible product that comes with outstanding support! Finally the product we've been waiting for to build fully flowing business processes that fulfill the needs of our customers.“
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Inbal Katz
„Great Solution! I like the simplicity and logic in this product. Everyone can use it by watching a video or reading an article regarding any subject in this tool. This app is getting renewed...“
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Arkady Team
„It is the Best!!! Make our Salesforce implementations smarter, more efficient and more creative. Thank you, Titans, for a great job!“
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Rachel Bryan
„Dynamic and Accommodating. As a customer of Form Titan we have always found them accomodating with our requests. Our requests are never simple and we are always thinking of ways to automate...“
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Foundation Learning
„I'd Give it 10 Stars if I could! We have been using "another form building tool app" for Salesforce for several years and everything about it was PAINFUL to use. Not to mention it was...“
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Melinda Ellis
„The possibilities are endless with Form Titan! ...and the customer support is top-notch! I managed the inaugural Salesforce integration of Form Titan for a non-profit org client. The amount of...“
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IT Fresh Start
„Over weekend implementation to help Corona legal issues. Due to the loss of business because of corona crisis, an NPO that helps people on legal issues regarding the possibility of losing the...“
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Robert Wigfield
„Incredibly Flexible. Multi-Object support is pretty amazing. The ability to push/pull salesforce data from multiple objects, create, update, and delete records, makes for some pretty endless...“
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Rachel Reser
„My favorite Salesforce tool! And I'm just getting started. The capability is surpassed only by the customer service. I'd love to see a FormTitan user group and see how others have utilized it -...“
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Juan Maart
„Great tool, great support, saves you money and time. I really like the fact that this tool allows admins to create amazing front-ends to Salesforce and not have to learn visualforce. FORMTITAN...“
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Ethan Fichman
„Finally a comfortable tool for forms. Honestly a treat to work with! The app itself runs super smooth, after a few tries becomes super intutive. Saved much integration head ache, without...“
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Sandy Jandu
„Great tool, even better customer service. FormTitan is easy to pick up, especially if you're familiar with form-building. There is also a training for every little feature, which is great to...“
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Kipper Blakeley
„Easy event registration and creation of dynamic guest itineraries from data in Salesforce. This is truly exceptional software. Extremely easy to set up and customize. We tested other solutions,...“
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Eli Kaufman
„Excellent tool and outstanding support! What I like best about working with the tool is the extreme flexibility - the UI and the logic can be designed to cater for any scenario. Secondly,...“
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Pooja Goel
„Easy to use, affordable, with endless possibilities. We are using the tool for our admissions process. It has been easy to use, and the push/pull with Salesforce is almost like magic. Lots of...“
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Reuven Neeman
„Amazing tool!! FormTitan is a great solution for creating external forms that integrate with Salesforce. It has a great UI and it is user-friendly, very easy to learn and use. With this tool,...“
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Natalie Davis
„Compelling, Dynamic Product with Excellent Customer Service. FormTitan really goes the extra mile in terms of providing a powerful, flexible tool that integrates beautifully with Salesforce AND...“
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Lior Papiashvili
„Amazing tool. As a Salesforce Solution's architect, my daily work requires problem solving many of which require coding - and this is exactly where Titan come and save us a lot of work. Titan...“
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Dafna Sender
„Nothing beats Formtitan. I have been using Form Titan for over two years and have found it to be an awesome and enjoyable development tool, and with no coding!! I learn something new every day...“
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Ben Wolcott
„An Incredible Investment. I don't know what we'd do without Titan. It's our main tool for customizing Salesforce with clicks and not code. We originally purchased it about a year ago to...“
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Robert Leighton
„Fast, Furious and Even Fun. We've used Formtitan for a number of nonprofit Salesforce clients. It's been a great app. for stakeholder outreach and workflow improvements. Deploy quickly,...“
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Value Stream Consulting
„Amazing Tool! FormTitan is the only form tool we use. It is so powerful, there are so many great features that other form tools lack, and the support is amazing!“
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Simon Baker
„Outstanding Support. I was evaluating the use of Form Titan amongst others against SF Communities as a solution for capturing data from our website into custom objects. We chose FormTitan as it...“
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Marius Swart
„Most important add-on to any Org. We have advised 100's of clients and implemented more than 75 salesforce org's from scratch over the past 20 years. Without a doubt, this is the best App you...“
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Yumi Ibrahimzade
„Amazing platform! We are using this amazing platform in almost all of our processes. You can do anything with this platform, it is a game changer! Also, they have an amazing customer support!“
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Janice Francis
„Great Documentation. We started using this last week and were able to get our first form up and running very quickly. Videos, documentation on the help site and chat answered all my questions.“
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Mihai Vasai
„The best in the biz :) After paying loads and loads of money to adobe for signatures and we were already using Form Titan. We decided to completely replace Adobe with this and it is amazing. It...“
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Denis Zhirovetskiy
„Great Professional Services and Support. I would just like to say thank you to Amit and Benny for their great support and professional services department. We have been working with them for a...“
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Amanda Miller
„This form app is awesome - it has everything you need in one place FormTitan is a hidden gem, truly - it can do almost everything my team can think of, and after a careful content review of...“
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Noam Regev
„Super Powerful app. Once you master this tool, it enables you to build almost anything with 0 code in minimal time.“
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Barb Leung
„Great Product from an Expert Team. FT is a great tool, very flexible and functional. There's terrific videos and resources on how to use. The team is super knowledgeable and responsive. Benny...“
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Evan Rodriguez
„Nonprofits take note- Powerful App! While new to the app features, Titan has already been an extraordinary resource for our 501c(3) in generating donor receipts from defined objects. The Titan...“
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Jay Delaune
„Powerful form builder with impressive digital signature features. This app deserves it's 5 star rating - while the help videos can be overwhelming as a list, they've linked them as "more info"...“
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Brad Cairncross
„Superb Customer Service. The Titan platform is highly configurable, easy to use, and is constantly adding exciting new features. Their customer support responses, via chat or virtual meetings,...“
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Tal Nidam
„This App Is POWERFUL, must have for document generation and exposing the database to external users. This app is intuitive / easy to use and most important powerful. It generates documents in...“
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Ida Gitarts
„Wonderful! We use this solution for document generation and interaction with clients: web forms, agreements, reports to our clients. It supports web forms, pdf and word documents, including...“
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Steve Thornton
„Powerful and Flexible. I found FormTitan to be incredibly powerful, flexible, and easy to use. I needed a form solution to build a set of questionnaires with the ability to score each answer...“
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Caroline M
„Gamechanger! I didn't believe the hype, but after rolling out a portal (complete with complex Salesforce integration) in a couple of days . . . have to admit . . . I'm a believer! FormTitan...“
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Krishnapriya Sankar
„Excellent Tool. FormTitan is an excellent and very flexible tool to design & create Web forms with extensive logics. Integration of FormTitan with Salesforce for data push & get is...“
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Juha Lassila
„Better than Salesforce. I was somewhat familiar with FormTitan as we had purchased it for Document Generation. My only complaint about this app was that it is so easy to setup Word templates...“
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Tal Levi
„Excellent Tool. I used the DOC generation tool to prepare contracts and agreements and it was very good and easy to understand. The tool is very user friendly and almost for every functionality...“
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Shrikant Samarth
„Best support and easy to use the application. Forms are easy to make in this application and you can do anything however you want your forms to be. Also, they have videos for each element in...“
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Ohad Cohen
„Great Tool ! Highly recommended! Great Tool , working great and easy with salesforce. amazing suppot with pro team.“
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Irit Neeman
„A Great tool to create Forms and connect to SF. I created in no time forms that connecting to SF. Amazing support!“
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Leon Kong
„Best Salesforce Integrated Form Builder. I discovered this app while searching for a form builder that would have true dynamic prefill capabilities. Every product I evaluated (including...“
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Patrick Toppins
„Excellent APP, Even Better Customer Service. I have been using FormTitan for almost 2 years. We have used FT to build many applications that have become integral in our sales process. FT is...“
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Mor Zarhy
„All in one amazing product! The product is easy to setup and configure as required by the business, we had a brainstorming with the team, and they were professional and find solution to every...“
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Amit Zahavi
„Unbelievably simple. I used quite a few tools for form generation in my career including some of the biggest names in the industry (until now...). For a project I'm assisting with, the client...“
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Aryen Pellikaan
„This tool is amazing. If a simple form tool is not enough for you, go for Formtitan. The tool offers so much possibilities, its amazing. We have build complex forms and complete portals with...“
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Kevin Lawton
„The Form Builder Application is Amazing. I have been using this solution for about 2 years now. The forms have worked flawlessly and have been the perfect solution to directly import and create...“
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Frank Luchesic
„Stands out amongst the crowd. FormTitans easy of use, coupled with its powerful features truly makes it stand out amongst its competitors. Each and every feature is well documented, either via...“
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Oshrit Basson
„Answer every use case that I needed highly recommended. This tool is very easy to use and they have amazing tutorial videos that explain how to do everything ! and if it isn’t clear yet, they...“
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Gil Pal
„Highly recommended! Our need was a form generation tool that meets a strict set of requirements. It needed to integrate easily with Salesforce with complete flexibility, enabling us to create...“
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Jorge Arturo de la Torre Esquivel
„Amazing Solution with a top class Support Team. I really like how there is always a solution for what you need. The tools they provide make the solution look very powerful and easy to use. It...“
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Shruthi Vasudeva
„Powerful product - simple and effective. The product is very easy to understand with lots of resources and videos. The support team is super responsive with questions/requests addressed same...“
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Kathy Dunne
„Very powerful This is a powerful form building and document merge tool; you can adjust just about anything anywhere on the page. The learning curve can be a bit steep if you are used to other...“
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