Main Features

Easy to use state-of-the-art technology

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

All features include drag & drop functionality. NO CODE needed.



Merge fields from multiple objects. Standard and Custom objects supported



Protect your contracts/agreements with two-factor authentication or SSO

Legally Binding

Legally Binding

E-Signatures and Digital Signatures available

Word & PDF

Word & PDF

Keep your existing format/templates in check without compromising your branding



Multiple Signers can collaborate and chat on contracts in real-time



Agreements/Contracts can be sent automatically via Process Builder, Flows, and Apex

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic

Control any field behaviors, trigger actions, and validations

Tracking Log

Tracking Log

Get a complete audit log of the entire contract journey and let Titan attach it to Salesforce & SAP for complete peace of mind.

Easy to use for Signees and Creators


Friendly, easy to use interface with various verification and authentication options.


Automate your contracts and agreements. Sign, Track, and Void from anywhere. A robust E-signature solution for your Salesforce & SAP.



Do I need a user for each person that signs?

No, all signers are regarded as guests, and their access to the document is validated with 2FA. A user in the Titan platform is either the person that creates the document template or the person that generates the documents from Salesforce.

Can I create a multi signer process?

Yes, we support single and a multiple signer processes. We also support linear and independent modes for the multi-signer documents, allowing you to control the order of signers, or allow them to sign at the same time.

Can the signed document be stored in Salesforce?

Sure, once a document is completed (submitted) you can have it pushed as a file or attachment under any record in Salesforce.

Can I track the document?

TITAN tracks all phases of the signing process such as view, sign, reject, and completed. You can use the tracking log via flow or process builder as well as save it as a file or attachment in Salesforce.

Can I send an anonymous document for signing?

Yes, both anonymous (public) signing and private signing are supported in Titan.

Can I automate the signing process via Salesforce?

Automation is supported in Salesforce with process builder, flow and Apex in just a few clicks.

Do you support legally binding signatures?

We’ve partnered with GlobalSign, one of the leading digital signature providers, enabling you to easily add a digital signature with just a single click (with an additional cost of 1.6 USD per signee).

Do you support Electronic signature?

Of Course, (:, both electronic and digital signatures are supported, allowing you to sign in pc, mobile and tablet devices.

Can I set a dynamic number of signers for my document?

Titan is a dynamic platform and we support static and dynamic signers via Apex.

Do you offer non profit discounts?

We offer a 10% discount for non profit and high education organizations. Read more

Do you offer custom licensing?

Large enterprises with multiple environments, or with massive document generation are offered custom licensing. Please contact us for more information.

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Titan is a reflection of its users. and they are awesome!
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