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Conquer Code, Build Fast

Make Salesforce simple with point-and-click tools that empower you to build portals, make forms, generate docs, sign agreements, and so much more at the touch of a button


Cost Reduction


Faster G2M


Increased Revenue

The #1 Platform for Salesforce

Salesforce documents

Choose template

Automate documents to close deals in seconds

Generate quotes, invoices, receipts, and agreements from Salesforce in seconds

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Multiple Formats
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Dynamic Content
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Digital Signatures
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QR Codes & Barcodes
How it Works

Key Integrations

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Salesforce forms for any object

The most flexible forms tool on the market! Work with any object, data structure, or logic while reading and writing to Salesforce in real-time

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Conditional Logic
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Payment Integrations
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Multiple Objects
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Dynamic Content
How it Works

Key Integrations

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Digital and electronic signatures for Salesforce

Trigger signing from any Salesforce automation or object, work with dynamic documents, and track every step of the signing journey in your CRM


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Electronic & Digital Signatures
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Dynamic Signers
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Salesforce Automation
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Track signing in Salesforce
How it Works

Key Integrations

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Surveys for feedback at your fingertips

Measure customer satisfaction, conduct market research, and send out NPS surveys synced to Salesforce to get feedback to transform your business

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Conditional Logic
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Pre-Fill Data
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Reports & Analytics
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Any Question Type
How it Works

Web apps for an all-in-one Experience Cloud alternative

Create web apps and portals for Salesforce using drag-and-drop tools to crack any use case

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Cut out Development
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Dynamic Pre-Fill
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CMS Integration
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Customer & Partner Portals
How it Works

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Automated workflows to streamline your business

Get 10,000 automations per second with Salesforce and the power of Titan Flow to maximize the potential of your organization


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Conditional Logic
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Document Generation
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Payment Integrations
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Barcode Scanning
How it Works

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Contract lifecycle management to save 40 hours a month!

Redline, edit, and comment on any contract while tracking the entire process in Salesforce for smooth collaboration

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Collaborate Online & Locally
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Add Collaboration Rounds
Approve or Reject
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360 Degree Tracking
How it Works

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Feeling Cramped? Titan gives you customization without code!

Do you sink time and money into Salesforce development to achieve custom solutions? OR…

Do you skip coding and purchase an out-of-the-box tool to implement your project? Most of these third-party apps offer limited customization and flexibility…

With Titan you don’t have to be stuck!

We help you solve any use case on the planet using zero code and minimal resources

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Synced to Salesforce in real-time

Titan’s multi-patented technology is the only solution on the market that enables you to push data to Salesforce and pull it back in real-time using no code.

Time to experience the magic of fully dynamic portals, docs, forms, e-signatures, and surveys!

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Did you know?

Integration is our middle name…

Connect to hundreds of popular Salesforce SaaS tools and automate complex digital workflows between apps in a heartbeat

Trusted by Dozens of Industries

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Zachary Alexander

Senior IT Admin, Hopebridge

“The scope of Titan’s abilities left our developers dumbfounded, literally!”

  • Consent Form
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Portal
  • Medical History Report

Key products

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Ron Davidson portrait

Ron Davidson

CRM Manager, Riskified

“Titan’s flexibile functionality helped us save hours of redundant development.”

  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Financial Services Survey
  • Projection Report
  • Sales Quote Proposal

Key products

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  • Icons
  • Icons
Mihai Vasai portrait

Mihai Vasai

SalesForce Admin, AVADO

“After paying Adobe loads of money for signatures, we’ve replaced it with Titan.”

  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Course Registration Form
  • Administrative Portal
  • Student Progress Report

Key products

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  • Icons
  • Icons
Alon Segal portrait

Alon Segal

SalesForce Developer, Monday

“I cannot explain how much Titan’s tools have helped us accomplish our vision.”

  • Help Desk Portal
  • Web Development Report
  • IT Ticketing
  • Terms of Use Consent

Key products

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  • Icons
  • Icons
Amir Eliasi portait

Amir Eliasy

Partner, Deloitte Digital

“Titan gave us the ability take on more projects than we had the capacity for.”

  • Landing Page
  • Customer Questionnaire
  • Marketing Brief
  • Sales Agreement

Key products

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Mind-Blowing Features

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Pre-built Templates

Start from scratch or choose from dozens of pre-built templates

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Fully Responsive

Get fully-responsive web pages on any laptop, smartphone or tablet

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Conditional Logic

Define complex systems of logic based on conditional outcomes

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Tables and Lists

Create filtered tables and lists that reflect real-time bi-directional data

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Maps and Schedulers

Embed maps, schedulers, and managed calendars effortlessly

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Payment Integration

Accept online payments with fully integrated payment gateways

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Admin Dashboards

Manage user admin permissions and track the status of projects

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End-to-end Security

SSL Encryption safeguards digital assets both in-transit and at-rest

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SSO Portals

Deploy single-sign-on portals for employees, partners or vendors

Check Out The Use Cases We Solved!

Get an Equipment Finance Application Portal for Free!

Simplify W-9 Forms for Salesforce using no code!

Extend Salesforce Health Cloud: Patient Intake Form

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