Simple Salesforce Surveys to Enhance User Experience

Measure customer satisfaction, gather feedback, and conduct market research using our no-code survey tool for Salesforce. Titan’s intuitive surveys take user experience to the next level!

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salesforce survey

Every feedback type
at your fingertips

no code salesforce survey

No-code Design

Design dynamic, responsive Salesforce surveys with Titan’s simple drag-and-drop builder

regulatory compliant salesforce survey

Fully Accessible

Titan Surveys are fully accessible and meet all requirements outlined in section 508

end-to-end secure salesforce survey

End-to-end Secure

Our surveys are 100% secure and compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO, GDPR and other leading frameworks

Any survey for any use case!

Find out how customers feel

Send out customer satisfaction surveys to find out what customers love about your product or service, and where you can do better!

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Brand Awareness
salesforce survey tick
salesforce survey tick
Customer Experience
salesforce survey tick
Customer Satisfaction
salesforce survey tick
Customer Loyalty
salesforce survey tick
Business Strategies
voting form for customer satisfaction

Discover how to improve your product!

Quality feedback can take your product to the next level. Find out what customers think about your product and take requests for in demand features!

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salesforce survey tick
New Features
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salesforce survey tick
Clear Priorities
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Product Trends
product feedback form with questions

Get a clearer understanding of your market

Keep your ear close to the ground with market-research surveys so you can stay up-to-date with current trends, learn more about customers, and set pricing the smart way.

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Connect With
Customer Preferences
salesforce survey tick
salesforce survey tick
Pricing Strategy
salesforce survey tick
salesforce survey tick
salesforce survey tick
Brand Messaging
market research survey form

Survey Customer Loyalty

With NPS surveys you can gauge customer loyalty, identify your weaknesses, and view easy-to-understand metrics on how your customers feel about you.

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Customer Loyalty
salesforce survey tick
Improvement Areas
salesforce survey tick
salesforce survey tick
Best Practices
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salesforce survey tick
Retention Rates
survey form for voting

Easily Collect Lead Data

Send out surveys to easily collect data on leads. Ask questions to find out the personal information and preferences you need to know. This way you can target new leads on an individual basis!

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salesforce survey tick
salesforce survey tick
salesforce survey tick
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Contact Details
lead information form
gender information survey form

Define Salesforce survey flows using conditional logic

Titan supports custom conditional logic for Salesforce survey flows. This means you can fully personalize the Salesforce survey journey for each and every respondent. Survey takers get to skip boring and irrelevant questions, drop-out rates are cut, and your market segmentation gets a whole lot easier

Real time Salesforce data

Push and pull real-time Salesforce data

Get bi-directional surveys for Salesforce with the ability to push and pull real-time data directly from your team’s Salesforce databases. With Titan’s Salesforce survey integration, you can pre-fill information based on Salesforce records and use advanced reports and analytics

salesforce document for surveys

Send Surveys with Maximum Flexibility

Send surveys via WhatsApp, SMS, Flow, List View, or Reports in Salesforce at the touch of a button. With Titan, there are absolutely zero limits and the decision is up to you!

web survey and email survey forms

Web & Email Surveys

You can send Salesforce surveys via web or email. With web surveys you have the option to create more interactive surveys that can be embedded in your website, distributed via a link in your socials, or included in a mail.

On the other hand, email surveys are shorter, less complex, more targeted, and have a higher response rate.

Both survey types have different strengths and with Titan, you can pick which one to use depending on your audience and use case

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Instant Feedback

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Salesforce Integration

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Salesforce Automation

Titan Survey’s Features

conditional logic

Conditional Logic

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Pre-Fill Data

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Reports & Analytics

design icon

Responsive Design

drag and drop icon

Drag-and-drop Tools

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Any Question Type

Collect responses and comments back to Salesforce

We needed a survey tool to collect responses and comments back to Salesforce. I did an extensive search on survey applications, and believe me functionality and cost-wise Titan is the best available.

Korhan Mulcar

E-commerce Director

Great product and service from an expert support team

Titan is a great tool, very flexible and functional. There’s terrific videos and resources on how to use the platform. Feedback has been great on all the different forms and surveys we’ve built.

Barb Leung

Salesforce Consultant

Innovative form and survey tool for all kinds of implementations

From light to heavy implementations, the more I used Titan, the more I discovered how easy and intuitive it is to use. Things I used to work on with SF developers for weeks now can be done in days.

Itay Ben-David

Digital Merketing Lead

The best form survey CSAT RSVP e-vite tool for Salesforce!

I’ve used lots of form-building, survey and RSVP tools that integrate with Salesforce. None of them are as powerful or as flexible as Titan, which allows an endless variety of powerful forms.

David Giller

Salesforce Consultant

A tool with the answer to almost every use case

Answered every use case I needed, highly recommended. This tool is very easy to use and they have amazing tutorial videos that explain how to do everything! And they have an incredible support team.

Oshrit Basson

Salesforce Analyst

Uncomplicated yet has many features so you are not limited

Titan completely integrates with Salesforce, both getting and pushing data. It is straightforward to use, not complicated yet it has many features so you are not limited. The support is excellent.

Alida Castillo

Webmaster, Harvard Law


Is Titan Survey integrated with Salesforce?

Yes, you get Salesforce survey data models and feedback via Titan Survey and we are fully integrated with Salesforce. You only need to install our package and you are ready to go. Titan Survey requires zero configuration and everything is synchronized to Salesforce seamlessly.

What kind of surveys can I create with Titan Survey?

With Titan Survey, you can create email and web surveys. The web survey allows you to create dynamic questionnaires, with many field types and custom styling.

Titan Survey types include, but are not limited to, the following:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys

Market Research Surveys

Product Feedback Surveys

NPS Survey

Public Opinion Surveys

Event Feedback Surveys

Student Surveys

Patient Surveys

Employee Onboarding Surveys

Get all the power of Salesforce survey data with Titan.

Do I need to be a Salesforce admin in order to create a survey?

No, you do not need to be a Salesforce admin to create a survey. You only need to add your questions and the integration part will  be automatically done by Titan.

Can I add conditional logic to my Titan Survey?

Yes, you can customize the flow of surveys based on any question and also set different survey endings by creating multiple end-slides and setting a logic to determine which will be used.

Can I use my survey as part of a business flow or automation?

Yes, Titan’s Salesforce survey is fully integrated with Salesforce Flow, Process Builder and Apex. You can trigger a survey to send events based on any logic.

It’s time to go digital,
try Titan Survey today.

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