Utilize #1 AI CRM for the Insurance Industry

Make sure your policyholders are well taken care of with streamlined claim processes, faster onboarding, more efficient policy issuance, and competitive quotes using Titan’s no-code tools for Salesforce. Watch your insurance business grow exponentially by providing the most personalized customer service on the market at scale!

Titan extends Salesforce CRM’s capabilities for insurance and makes your customer the focus of an enhanced digital insurance experience. You can easily digitize your services, manage claims, allow self-service for your customers, quote on products, update existing policies, and more.

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Faster Claim Processes


More Efficient Customer Onboarding


More Efficient Payments

Drive Growth and Policyholder Trust with Salesforce’s Insurance Solutions

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Dynamic Salesforce Portals for Insurance

Create Salesforce-integrated portals where your customers can log claims fast, make payments with no hassle, chat to agents, consult personalized FAQs, and securely view important policy information in a few simple clicks

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Generate Insurance Quotes Effortlessly

Generate accurate quotes in minutes by pulling dynamic data directly from Salesforce so you can respond to customer queries immediately. This typically saves at least 10 hours of manual work a month! Choose our software for the insurance industry today to start generating quotes!

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Optimized Lead Management

Capture lead information via intuitive forms and have all data sent back to Salesforce for automatic qualification and routing to the right agent. This means your agents get to skip admin and spend more valuable time with customers. Use our ready-to-use insurance form templates that can be customized and personalized as required.

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Claim Forms

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Customer Onboarding

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Lead Management

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Fast Payments

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Customer & Agent Portals

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No-code workflows

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Policyholder Surveys

Titan is Trusted by Industry Giants

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Robust tool, smooth integration with Salesforce and amazing debugging functionality

Lots of amazing features that you can make use of. Pushing form responses back to salesforce is extremely easy, once you understand the tool. They have a very powerful debugging functionality that lets you spot your errors in no time. Plus there are small helpful video tutorials online.”

Devika Bhatt

Salesforce Project Manager and Soulution Architect

Excellent Tool

This app is easy to use and most important[ly] powerful. We are using this amazing platform in almost all of our processes. Customer Support is Great!”

Anna Liberman

Head of Sales

Titan for online signatures has everything you need

After paying loads of money to Adobe for signatures, we decided to completely replace Adobe with this and it is amazing. It has everything you need and more. The team are always helping when needed.

Mihai Vasai

Salesforce Administrator

Easy to setup and configure as required by the business

All in one amazing product! The product is easy to setup and configure as required by the business. We had a brainstorming with the team who were professional and found a solution to every issue.

Mor Zarhy

System Analyst

Get and push data with features including digital signatures

As a Salesforce Implementer, a winning combination of great professional service and crazy features including digital signature, PDF files and especially the option to push data with Salesforce.

Asaf Yoshpe

Salesforce Expert

Try Salesforce for your Insurance Industry. Experience the power of Titan today!

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