Superhuman Salesforce Files at your Fingertips!

Titan Files for Salesforce Flows empowers you to streamline processes and enhance user flexibility. Customers can create, modify, and organize files from within Salesforce or use external file storage without writing a single line of code!

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Automate File Processes using Salesforce Flow


Seamless Automation

Use Salesforce Flows to seamlessly automate files processes. No code or complex configuration required!


3rd Party Storage Integrations

Connect 3rd party cloud storage solutions so that your files can be archived according to your company’s best practices

all in one

All-in-One Platform

Maximize the potential of Titan Files in tandem with Titan’s product suite to establish end-to-end business processes within Salesforce

Limitless automations for Salesforce Files

Automate Salesforce file management tasks with Titan Files and Salesforce Flows

Zero code advanced file operations

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Scan Files for Viruses
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Merge Files
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Work Directly in Salesforce
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Combine Salesforce Actions
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Convert to PDF
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Automate Workflows
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Read and Write files from/to Salesforce Objects
File Management

Connect Salesforce to all your major third-party file storage apps for instant file transfers

Seamless integration with your cloud storage provider that reads and writes to Salesforce across any object

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Google Drive
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Amazon S3
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FTP Integrations
Storage integrations

Automate image file operations

Transform your images to meet your organizational standards and formats

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titan files image compression, extension and watermark icon

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature extracts text directly from your images

Use OCR to upload any text from images directly to Salesforce records in seconds

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Drivers Licenses
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Identification Documents
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Academic Certificates

Titan: The No-Code Platform for Salesforce

Leverage Titan Files alongside the complete suite of Titan products to seamlessly establish end-to-end business processes in Salesforce

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Document Generation
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Approval Flow
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Landing Pages
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Minimize Time Spent on Manual Tasks with OCR 

With Optical Character Recognition, our Titan Files feature extracts data from your images and pushes it to Salesforce records in real time. This saves you hours spent on manual work and frees you up to focus on priority tasks!

Start automating

Start Automating Advanced File Management Tasks

Create reliable Salesforce workflows to push and pull real-time data directly to and from Salesforce. You get to automate every stage of your file journey and upload files to Salesforce seamlessly to keep your documents virus-free and ready for collaboration.

Let Salesforce be your single source of truth with Titan’s flexible Files tool

File storage extra

Do you need Extra File Storage for Salesforce?

With Titan Files, you can store your external cloud files in Salesforce or anywhere you want.

We integrate seamlessly with all major third-party file storage apps.  For example, you can easily build a Salesforce and Amazon S3 integration. You can also use Box for Salesforce, OneDrive, Dropbox, and much more!

Titan’s Salesforce Files connect to anything! You never need to feel stuck for space again or worry about Salesforce file storage limits

Image modification

Automate Image Modification

Use Titan Files to ensure images remain consistent regardless of the type or size of image uploaded to Salesforce. We can help you resize, compress, and convert your images so your documents are lean and efficient.

You can also use Titan Files to add a watermark to protect your creativity and brand!

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Watermarked Images

image resize icon

Resize Images

image compression icon

Compressed Images

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Converted Images

Titan Files Features

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Automation for Salesforce Flow Builder

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Virus Scanning

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Zero Code File Management

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Call Custom REST API

image extension icon

Image Modification

document in the folder icon

Archive Documents

Powerful PAAS tool!

“I was introduced to Titan on the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace and have found the platform suits all our business needs. We use the Titan Files app to create and automate all our workflows in Salesforce. We can’t imagine working without Titan in our team for file management.”

Flora Pelagius

Salesforce Admin

Is there anything Titan can’t do?

“Seriously, this no-code platform has helped us save time by automating all our previous life wasting tasks that needed to be performed by teams. We use Titan to streamline workflows across all our departments since it works with all our documents, logic, and Salesforce objects.”

Saskia Jean

IT Project Manager


What signing solutions can Titan Files provide my company?

Titan Files in combination with Titan Sign can give you secure options for cloud document sharing and signing processes. Use our Titan apps to give multiple stakeholders the opportunity to sign your documents with electronic or digital signatures. 

Do I need coding experience to use Titan Files effectively?

No! Titan Files works with only clicks, that means zero code.

What can I do with Titan Files in Salesforce?

Titan Files streamlines your processes in Salesforce Flow so you have flexible solutions that work for your use case. You can view, create, and edit your advanced file actions in Salesforce with Titan Files. We also integrate with major third-party apps so you can store your files exactly where you need.


Which third-party external storage solutions does Titan Files connect to?

Titan Files integrates directly with Salesforce, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box, FTP, DropBox, Virus Scanner, and more!

Can Titan Files extract information from documents?

Yes! Titan Files can extract information from scanned images and save them as Salesforce records with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Can I edit images for my projects with Titan Files?

Yes, you can. Use Titan Files to resize, compress, or convert your images into a file format you need. We can also help you add rounded corners or a watermark to your image.

What security solutions can Titan Files offer me?

Before adding your documents to Salesforce or any other third-party app of your choice, Titan Files can scan your files for viruses.

Try Titan Files today for advanced
file management!

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