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Streamline CPQ in Salesforce

Stand out amongst your competitors with a dynamic website that is 100% integrated into Salesforce. Titan can help your insurance company showcase all your policies and connect with your valuable customers.

Grow your business in the insurance sector by managing your leads effectively with Titan. Want to know how to achieve this in Salesforce?

Follow our article below as Titan shares a customer use case about a successful insurance company elevating its customer experience with Salesforce.

Simplified Salesforce Customer Experiences

An insurance company focusing on providing clients with numerous risk cover options needed a way to raise the customer experience offering.


“We need to have our policies accessible to clients and take control of our CRM strategies. A Salesforce-integrated website will boost our clients’ experience with our products.”

Insurance Educator

The insurance company turned to Titan to create a dynamic website that pulled all company and client data from Salesforce when necessary.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Optimization

The insurance company had a few crucial requirements for the website. Here is a list drafted by the Project Manager:

light blue tick item
The insurance company needs a website built with no code.
light blue tick item
The website must automatically pull data from Salesforce.
light blue tick item
The website has to allow group members to sign in and manage their accounts.
light blue tick item
The insurance company requires the website to generate quotes for life, health, property, and car insurance.
light blue tick item
The website needs to generate price quotes for customers to plan for insurance policies.
light blue tick item
The insurance company wants the website to allow customers to add e-signatures to documents.
light blue tick item
Customers have called for the insurance company to enable online payment services.
light blue tick item
The website must entail a method for customers to claim on any insurance.

Can you relate to the requirements in this use case? Keep reading as we explore how Titan seamlessly upgraded the client experience for the insurance company.

Automated Processes in Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

Difficult Onboarding

The initial workflow processes at the insurance company started with clients choosing and filling out lengthy policy forms with the guidance of a broker. This process was essential as the insurance company needed important documents and clients’ signatures to sign up for a policy.


Strenuous Quote Creations

Another task completed by the Sales department was creating customized quotes for new or existing clients. After a meeting to gather client requirements, the sales consultant would need to create, distribute, and track quotes of a lead. If a lead decided to sign up for a policy based on a quote and become a client, the sales consultant would have to accurately and successfully transfer the account to a broker.

Arduous Monitoring of Payments

The insurance company tracked all client payments manually and needed a better way to manage monthly installments and follow up with any overdue accounts.

“The data to collect, manage, and track payment histories are spread across many paper trail processes. I could perform my job better if I had all data neatly listed and displayed in one application.“


Laborious Claims Process

One more manual task performed by brokers was the client claims process. The process was in dire need of an overhaul due to lengthy forms that clients filled out and sent to the insurance company. Brokers would then view, assign, manage, and track these claims with the help of other staff members.


“Our insurance company has many manual processes that create bottlenecks in our service delivery stream. We need to face these issues head-on with Salesforce experts.”

Sales Manager

Titan’s Transforming your revenues with Financial Services Cloud

The insurance company turned to Titan to amplify its client and Salesforce experience. Titan helped the insurance company make its Salesforce solutions a reality by creating a website without any code.

But how, you ask? Essentially, Titan utilizes drag-and-drop tools to build all web applications. Contact us today for a demo!

In a nutshell, Titan gave the insurance company a dynamic website that pulled all data and information directly from Salesforce, including displaying incoming client reviews. Continue reading to find out about all the essential features Titan has provided.

Titan Solution
Titan Solution

Uncomplicated Customer Login

Clients can quickly sign into an account on the insurance company’s website with an email address.

Undemanding Quote Processing

Once signed in, clients have access to requesting a quote for any services with a click of the Get a Quote button. Clients can then interact with the portal by responding to questions provided by the insurance company.

Some of the questions in the quote’s web form will already be filled by Titan with data from Salesforce, especially if the client has an existing account.

In addition to adding text responses, clients may also upload supporting documents and pictures to the website.

“Filling out claims or applications on my insurer’s new website is so well put together! Most of my data is already pre-filled, saving me admin time.“


Validating Questions is Effortless

Titan has ensured that specific questions are mandatory and will not let clients continue the form’s progress unless they submit required responses, documents, or pictures. Setting validation on the website’s elements is easy and requires no code!

Trouble-Free Web Forms

Moreover, Titan supplied conditional logic to the insurance company’s forms. A quote’s decluttered structure and design now ensures that customers only have access to questions that apply to their specific responses.

For example, clients that have never placed a claim do not need to see questions on a form that relates to claims submitted in the past.

Insurance Forms
Insurance Forms

Simple Document Generation with Titan

After completing the quote form, the website automatically generates a price quote for a client with an option to generate quoted documents all on one web page.

Here is a list of the quote details found on one of the insurance company’s generated documents:

salesforce pink tick
Custom-designed banner to include company logo
salesforce pink tick
Company name and address
salesforce pink tick
salesforce pink tick
Name of the client
salesforce pink tick
Client’s address
salesforce pink tick
Name of the insurance policy
salesforce pink tick
Details of the product that the policy will insure
salesforce pink tick
The monthly cost of the insurance
salesforce pink tick
Terms of service information

Straightforward E-Signatures

Clients can also conveniently sign the generated quote inside the website by selecting a previously used e-signature or creating a new one.

“Titan is a smart platform and integrates extremely effectively into our custom Salesforce solutions.”

Sales Consultant

Easy Payment Interface with Titan

Furthermore, the website offers a payment method from Titan. After signing a quote agreement on a generated document, the client can securely enter their credit card details onto the website to make a payment towards their insurance policy.

Client Tracked Payments

Clients have the added benefit of tracking all their policies and claims through their account view on the new website. All client information is displayed in an organized table with the ability to file a new claim if needed.


Inspired by Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Solutions

This was one way the insurance company used Titan to expand its customer experience. Titan’s 100% no-code, just clicks platform has transformed the way that clients interact with the insurance company in the following most convenient ways:

salesforce pink tick
Visibility of policy information
salesforce pink tick
Access to sign up for an account on the website
salesforce pink tick
A way to electronically sign documents
salesforce pink tick
Ability to track claims and policies all in one space
salesforce pink tick
Obtain the option to pay for services online

Titan has created a tailor-made solution to keep the staff at the insurance company happy and empowered to work meaningfully. The insurance company can focus on creating more leads and offering exceptional services to existing clients now that the manual processes have been automated.

*All organizational names and titles used in this article are purely fictional and if they happen to occur in real life it would be completely by coincidence.

Titan Enhances Staff and Customers Experiences in Salesforce

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