Make your Biggest Deals in Minutes with CLM for Salesforce

Redline, edit, and comment on any contract while tracking every step inside Salesforce with Titan’s no-code Contract Lifecycle Management. You won’t look back!

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Game-Changing Collaboration

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360 Degree Tracking

Fully track CLM in Salesforce from start to finish

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Approve or Reject Changes

Contract owners can approve or reject changes to make the best deals for their organization

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Collaborative & Flexible

Collaboration is fully flexible, and you can add participants at any stage of the CLM journey

No-Code Salesforce CLM Solutions for any Business Use Case

Easily collaborate on healthcare contracts

Take the pressure off doctors, providers, and patients by ensuring healthcare contracts are signed quickly and securely

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Medical Services Agreements
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Healthcare Employment
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Healthcare Provider Agreements
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Clinical Trial Agreements
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Medical Billing & Revenue Contracts
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Medical Research Collaboration
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Streamline financial agreements with Titan CLM

Mitigate risk and get financial agreements signed collaboratively by bringing providers, advisors, and clients to the same table

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Services Agreements
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Loan Agreements
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Trading Contracts
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Mergers & Acquisitions
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Insurance Contracts
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Asset Management
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Get peace of mind for legal matters and ensure 100% compliance

With our Salesforce CLM tool, you can sign legal contracts collaboratively and ensure all regulatory requirements are met

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Non-Disclosure Agreements
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Service Level Agreements
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Regulatory & Compliance Contracts
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Intellectual Property Contracts
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Partnership Agreements
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Employment Contracts
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Negotiate and collaborate on contracts for the technology industry

Enhance the contract lifecycle process for the technology industry by ensuring agreements are signed safely and collaboratively

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Software License Agreements
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Non-Disclosure Agreements
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Professional Services Agreements
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Cloud Services Contract
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SaaS Agreements
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End-User License Agreements
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Simplify the contract lifecycle for the media and entertainment industry

Protect intellectual property, uphold industry standards, and convert contracts into big deals for the media industry

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Intellectual Property Agreements
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Production Agreements
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Content Collaboration
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Licensing & Publishing
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Talent Agreements
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Merchandising Agreements
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Track everything in Salesforce!

Manage, review, and track every change made to your agreement directly in Salesforce for a 360 degree view of the contract lifecycle. You get complete visibility over every piece of content that is inserted or deleted in real-time with the power of our deep Salesforce integration

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Collaborate & negotiate in real-time

Multiple parties and departments can collaborate on your document in real-time so you can cut deals in minutes instead of days and weeks. Negotiations are simple and can take place via Word using intuitive redlining and commenting tools. You never need to feel stuck or restricted because you can also add collaborators at any stage of the contract lifecycle

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Cost-effective & competitive Salesforce Contract Management

While a Salesforce CLM solution can help your organization close its most lucrative deals, CLM software like this typically comes at a steep cost. Titan CLM is more competitively priced than leading alternatives and our integration with Salesforce is twice as powerful


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Save 40 hours a month!

Stop wasting time in boardrooms, making calls, and nagging major clients for repetitive meetings. With Titan CLM, the entire contract lifecycle is digitized and automated in Salesforce. Not only is the contract automation process more secure but your organization can cut at least 40 hours of manual work a month while closing deals 78% faster


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Salesforce Automation

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Close Deals Quickly

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Efficient Contract Lifecycles

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Integrated Salesforce Experiences

Titan CLM Features

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Collaborate Online and Locally

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Multiple Signers

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Add rounds of Collaborations

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Approve or Reject

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Track Everything in Salesforce

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Automated Mail Approvals

Made for Big Enterprises

“We needed a quality CLM product to make sure a major deal was signed securely and on time. Using Titan, we were able to close this crucial contract in a matter of 56 minutes. The most impressive part if that multiple parties could track this inside of Salesforce”

Andrew Williams

Salesforce Business Analyst

Awesome product!

“We’ve gotten so much utility out of Titan… Through Titan we have moved a 3,500+ application from pen and paper to online, saved months of staff time, built out tools to interface with schools and other groups we’ve worked with, conducted endless surveys, and so much more.”

Matthew Nosco



Can I track / measure document progress?

Yes! Titan CLM tracks, changes, and sends automated updates to all parties signing an agreement. You can view all changes in Salesforce or via email, the choice is yours!

Can I secure documents during the signing process?

Yes, Titan CLM supports 2FA and complete end-to-end security for your documents.

Can I integrate Titan CLM with Salesforce document generation capabilities?

Yes, we have our own Salesforce document generation tools which integrate with the world’s leading CRM in real-time.

Can I integrate CLM with digital signatures?

You don’t need to because you have Titan Sign built on top of the same platform.

Can I make certain sections of my contract static and non-editable?

Yes, you can secure specific sections of your document to ensure that only certain sections are dynamic.

Can I separate the CLM process from the Signing Process?

How can you collaborate?

Both online and locally via a range of third party tools such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Open Office, and much more.

Can I add or remove collaborators after the CLM process has started?

Yes, you can enable the option to add or remove collaborators after the CLM process has started.

Where do I find the history of changes?

Every change in the contract, and every step made by the collaborators and signers, is automatically tracked in Salesforce and available in real-time.

How can I create a contract?

You can generate a contract from a template in Titan, or use a static contract from Salesforce or from your local computer.

Can I compare different document versions?

Yes, every time the document is updated you can view a comparison to the previous version.

Why is Titan CLM better than competitors?

Well, for one we are a lot more reasonably priced and our Salesforce integration is much deeper.

Is there an audit trail for the document?

Yes, you can view a complete audit trail to see when the document is sent, viewed, and signed.

Can I redline a document?

Of course, this is easy to do with our CLM for Salesforce.

Can the document go through an approval process before it is signed?

Yes, it certainly can and you can customize this process to suit your business needs.

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