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Sign legal contracts collaboratively, automate any business process you can think of, and get peace of mind that your docs are 100% compliant. Using Titan for Salesforce, #1 CRM for legal firms, you can save over 42 hours a month and boost the momentum of your law firm using intuitive point and click software.

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Client Retention


Client Intake

Salesforce for Legal Excellence

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Codeless Contract Lifecycle

Redline, comment on, and track every contract in Salesforce from the start right until completion for 360 degree legal eagle vision! Track the entire CLM journey in Salesforce from start to finish with Titan’s out-of-the-box CLM solution for the legal industry.

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Dynamic Client
Portals for Salesforce

Create dynamic client portals for law firms where they can chat with attorneys, access their documents securely, as well as check in on their cases in a few simple clicks. Build custom portals for the law firms with Titan’s simple drag-and-drop builder.

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eSignatures &
Digital Signatures

Use eSignatures or digital signatures depending on the needs of your legal case to close any contract, deal, or waiver.

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Client Updates & Reports

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Contracts & Agreements

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Client Portals

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Upload Documents

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Sign Paperwork

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Track Contract Flows

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Legal Research

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Court Forms & Filings

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Legal Compliance

Titan is Trusted by Industry Giants

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It’s so powerful, we haven’t even touched the surface

Titan has transformed our business, saving us time and money. We have been able to incorporate Titan Forms into our application process helping us close deals 25% faster, saving us over 15 hours per week.

Ben Clumeck

Uber BC

An amazing tool with great support — my new go-to!

I find myself building more in the titan tool, to avoid heavy flow configs in Salesforce which my clients can easily update on their own leaving them with less “tech debt” that they have to pay consulting fees for.

Gretchen Allnutt


The best Salesforce integrated form and web builder

I looked for a long time for a web based tool like this! This is the only tool I have found that could meet our needs. Finally, Salesforce can be my database and I can have an intelligent client facing interface.

Tammy Sager

Senior Programmer

Using this app to build any sort of web to lead forms

Strongly recommend using Titan to build any sort of Web-to-Lead forms, standard object forms, or custom object forms. It integrate seamlessly with Salesforce and adapts to any nature of the business.

Harsha BR

Senior Software Engineer

Solution for capturing data from our website into custom objects

Outstanding ssupport. I was evaluating the use of Titan against other apps on Salesforce as a solution for capturing data from our website into custom objects. We chose Titan as it was extremely easy to use.

Simon Baker

Senior Engineer

Excellent web forms application that stands out in flexibility

Great in functionality features and support. Titan is the excellent web forms application. It has the unique set of features and stands out in flexibility and extendability possibilities.

Sergey Erlikh

Customer Success Architect

Transform Salesforce for Law Firms. Try Titan today!

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