Main Features

Easy to use Patented technology

Bi Directional

Bi Directional

Read from as well as Write to Salesforce data

Dynamic Pre-Fill

Dynamic Pre-Fill

Display data from multiple Salesforce objects in real-time

Push Data

Push Data

have all survey responses pushed to Salesforce

Multiple Fields

Multiple Fields

Many Survey and input fields like: CES, Signature, Rating scales etc.



Methods like Email, Link, Salesforce automation, List view or Object.



Add Images and Videos to your Survey.



Dashboard containing data based on the survey.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic

Control slides flow, trigger actions, and validate.

Custom Design

Custom design

Responsive layout , Themes and styles for survey and elements.

Time Limits

Time Limits

Set a time limit or max times the filler can submit the survey.

Easy to use for Survey Fillers and Creators

Survey Filler

Engaging Surveys with real-time read and write integration
from Salesforce


Robust, built for Online and Email Surveys. Fully integrated with Salesforce.



Is Titan Survey integrated with Salesforce?

Titan Survey is fully integrated with Salesforce. You just need to install our package and you are ready to go. Titan Survey requires 0 configuration and everything is synchronized to Salesforce seamlessly.

What kind of surveys can I create with Titan Survey?

Two types of surveys are supported in Titan Survey: Email survey and a Web survey.
The web survey allows you to create dynamic questionnaires, with many field types and styling. You can build any type of survey that you can think of: Satisfaction survey, Market research survey, Interview survey, Brand awareness Survey, Training evaluation survey, Event evaluation survey, Lead generation survey and more.

Do I need to be a Salesforce admin in order to create a survey?

No, you do not. You just need to add your questions and the Integration part will automatically be done by us for you.

Can I add conditional logic to my Survey?

Yes, you can customize the flow of the survey based on any question and also set different Survey endings by creating multiple end slides and setting a logic to determine which will be used.

Can I brand my survey?

The survey is Fully brandable using fonts, colors images and backgrounds.

Can I use my survey as part of a business flow or automation?

Yes, the survey is fully integrated with Salesforce Flow, Process builder and apex.
You can trigger a survey to send event based on any logic.

Can I track my survey invitees?

Yes, tracking is also part of the Titan Survey package. You can track your invitees status, to see if they are open, complete, and even measure the time it took them to submit.

Do you have a statistical dashboard?

The Titan survey package comes with built in, Stunning reports and dashboard.

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Titan is a reflection of its users. and they are awesome!
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