80% Reduction in Salesforce Doc Gen with Titan

Salesforce Doc Gen with Titan

Does your business create manual documents with similar content and a familiar layout or structure? It’s time to start saving time and money by automating document generation using Titan and Salesforce.

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Salesforce Doc Gen with Titan

Consistent Doc Gens


Manual Data Entry!


Branded Doc Gens

There’s Never been a Better Time to Upgrade your Business!

Check out this video, where we show you how to generate a document from multiple records at the click of a button from Salesforce.

Titan's Salesforce Doc Gen

Choose Titan to Deliver Time Savings

Titan simplifies your document generation for Salesforce by allowing you to create and automate custom document templates so you don’t have to each time – from scratch!

Save precious business time using Titan’s simple code-free document builder for all your Salesforce Doc Gen needs.

Titan's Doc Gen for Salesforce

Consistent Digital Experiences

Ensure your brand image is standardized across all your business documents. Doc Gens from Titan will be in line concerning content, structure, layout, Salesforce e-signatures, and language across all your templates.

Use Titan to track documents and reduce all human errors from data capturing and copy-pasting to keep up your professional business image.

Tracking Documents with Titan

Build Efficient Workflows

Titan Doc Gens streamlines business workflows by removing all manual effort for your staff from your business processes.

Discover noteworthy features from Titan, like merging documents to take your business to the next level. Starting today, we can help speed up your Salesforce document creation and reduce errors!

Salesforce Doc Gen with Titan

Increase Customer Satisfaction

You can use templates and Salesforce data for all your Doc Gen needs, thanks to Titan Docs.

Titan can insert your Salesforce data into Doc Gens or fillable PDF forms for a completely customized customer experience.

Get creative and start personalizing your customer invoices, quotes, proposals, newsletters, and so much more!

The Best One!!

“Our life with document generation from Salesforce data has never been easier. We use this product in almost all processes in the company and enjoy every moment. Thanks to Titans! And we are waiting for more of the great developments!”

Arkady Crystal

SF Admin

Highly Recommended App!!!

“I have been working with this Appexchange for over a year and highly recommend! A very powerful UxUi platform to create interfaces that integrate with your Salesforce Org.“

Daffy Sheleg

SF Admin

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Accelerated Availability

Titan Docs lets you archive, view, and manage all your Doc Gens electronically on Salesforce or other third-party cloud storage providers. Boost the way you share and track documents or collaborate with clients or teammates.

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Increased Accuracy of Documents

Eliminate all manual data entry and the human errors that come with it. Choose Titan for all your Salesforce Doc Gen processes to create accurate documents that you can trust.

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Control the Scaling

Is your business snowballing? Are you panicking about managing the new volumes of documentation that need to be created? Turn to Titan Docs to help with our automated Doc Gen features to assist you in producing large volumes of merged documents with 0% code.

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Sign

Titan Sign

Sign, manage, and track e-signatures directly from Salesforce with our codeless signature builder

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Docs

Titan Docs

Create and customize dynamic documents for Salesforce

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Web

Titan Web

Build beautiful and flexible websites, 100% integrated with live push and pull of Salesforce data

Titan and Salesforce Integration

The #1 Integration for Salesforce

Creating Doc Gens from Salesforce just got better with Titan!

We are Saleforce’s most flexible 3rd party platform offering various products to extend your digital experiences today.

Launch Custom Doc Gens for Salesforce Solutions – Try Titan Docs today!

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