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Salesforce Solutions: How do I change my Titan Password?

Read this article to learn how to change your Titan Password in a few easy clicks.

Are there any prerequisites?

You need a Titan Account, but then again if you didn’t have one, then why read this article? Click here to purchase any of our codeless enterprise applications for Salesforce.

What steps should I follow to change my password in Titan?

  1. Open up your Titan dashboard, and click on My Account at the top of the screen:
The My Account Tab in Titan dashboard.
My Account

2.  Next, navigate to Login Info > Password, and click Change.

An image depicting where to find your password.
Login Info

3. Enter your current password, your new password, and confirm new password.
Click change, and you are good to go!

An image depicting how to change your password.
Change Password

Titan’s Takeaway for Salesforce Solutions

You now have the flexibility to change your Titan password in an instant if you want to update it for security reasons, are any other reason you choose.

You can reach out to Titan by visiting:

Salesforce AppExchange Logo
Salesforce AppExchange Logo

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