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Titan for Salesforce: Email Distribution Lists in Salesforce

This guide will teach you how to send out surveys, by Salesforce email list, to a list of contacts in Salesforce. In this example, we will show you how to do this using a List View. At the end of this article, you will have greater insight into how easy it is to create Salesforce surveys in Titan and how to use Salesforce list emails.

Are there any Prerequisites? 

Titan Survey, which comes in Free, Teams, and Business Pro packages.

What steps should I follow?

Navigate through the steps below to start sending emails to your Salesforce contacts using a List View and how to create a contact list in Salesforce:

  1. First create and customize your list view in Salesforce.
  2. Once you have created your List View in Salesforce, navigate back to your Titan Survey tab or window. Click publish on the top right-hand side of the screen, and select List View:

(If you need a demonstration on how to create a web survey click here.)

List View
List View

3. Select your object in Salesforce and then choose your list view, for example Contact. For Record ID, you need to choose the ID of the selected object in order for Titan to connect the survey responses to the object.


Note: Above, you can see that all your contact information, and the List View you created, has been pulled directly from Salesforce, and is at your fingertips in Titan. You are able to select your Salesforce List View, and send the survey to that List View’s contacts. 

4. After clicking next, select mail to send your survey out by email:


5. Choose the Custom Email or Email Template, give your email a subject, remember to choose Email as your field, and in this case, the web survey URL will be sent as a link in this email. Then hit Next:


6. If you wish, you can fill in a record ID and email address, and send a test email:


7. We chose to leave the test section blank, and just clicked Next. After this, fill in the recipient of the survey results, and relevant comments. Then select Send Now and Click to Send, or choose to schedule the date on which you want your survey sent out:


8. Your unique Survey ID and Distribution ID will then have been generated:

Create New Distribution
Create new Distribution

And you’re done! All contacts in your list view will now have received your survey. Once they respond, the results will be sent to the recipient of the survey results. The best part? All these records will be stored in Salesforce, no code required. If you’ve been wondering in Salesforce how to send e-mail to contacts, this article gives you all the instructions you need about your distribution list in Salesforce.

The Takeaway:

Now you know how to send out surveys to your Salesforce contacts, via email, using a List View. This guide covered an example of a List View, but you can also  choose others such as Report or Object. The big takeaway is that Titan is synced to Salesforce in live time for easy information, at just the touch of a button. 

Further Resources: Publish from List View

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