Main Features

Easy to use state-of-the-art technology

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

All features include drag & drop functionality. NO CODE needed.

Community Portals

Community Portals

Connect your employees, vendors, and customer to their Salesforce & SAP data



Tailor your content to your customers directly from Salesforce or SAP



Manage cases, accounts, contact and leads



Deliver high-quality content based on language and other preferences



Protect your forms with two-factor authentication or SSO

Dynamic Pre Fill

Dynamic Pre Fill

Display data from multiple Salesforce or SAP objects in real-time

Complex Fields

Complex fields

Including tables, lookups, repeated elements, file viewers, calendars, maps and more



A complete Partner Relationship and channel Management solution



Upload multi files, generate documents and push to related files/attachments object

Easy to use for End Users and Creators

End User

Find and manage public information including Salesforce files and custom objects.


Use ready-made components and create your own with no code.



Can I build a custom portal with Titan Web?

The purpose of TITAN WEB is to give users a no code option to build custom web applications with bi-directional Salesforce integration. You can customize the look, feel, and the data you read and write to Salesforce.

Can I use SSO for authentication in my web application?

Yes, any SAML2 provider and Salesforce as IDP provider will work. You can also use our SMART-V option to authenticate users.

Can I create secure pages on my Titan website?

You can create public and also private pages in your Titan website. It is fully customizable and you have multiple options for authentication.

Can I build a customer or vendor zone in Titan Web?

Yes, with our platform you can easily connect with your customers, partners, vendors, volunteers and build a winning portal for any use case.

Can I customize the look and feel of the portal or web application?

Absolutely, You can customize everything in your Titan Web project. Create your own layout, choose from dozens of themes and templates and CSS is also supported.

Can files be uploaded via the interface I create in Titan Web?

Sure, and any object including files, attachments and related lists are supported.
You can also customize which files and sizes are allowed to be pushed back to Salesforce.

Is it responsive?

Yes – It is fully responsive on any device!

Can I display data from a related list or report in Titan Web?

Yes, Table, Table List and Power table are supported to display such data, including inline editing.

Can I use Charts and Graphs?

Yes, Multiple charts and graph types are supported, with slick UI and click only configuration.

Can I add custom logic to my content?

Sure, any logic may be added to hide/show/enable/disable/calculate elements in the web application, including UI logic.

Does Titan Web require any code?

Like all of our products, 0 code is required when using TITAN, clicks only!

Do you offer a free Trial?

We offer a 7 day trial that can be extended. Please contact our support to receive an extended trial.

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Titan is a reflection of its users. and they are awesome!
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The highest standards of Security and compliance
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