Salesforce OmniStudio: The Best-in-Class Alternative

If you are looking for the leading alternative to Omnistudio, why not try Titan’s declarative, no-code web builder for Salesforce? Build custom apps, enhance your marketing and social media strategies, get seamless content management systems, and access razor-sharp analytics today!

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Custom Workflows and Automation

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Mobile-First Approach

Build beautiful mobile applications using drag-and-drop tools with Titan’s mobile-first approach

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Real-time Salesforce Data

Titan Web works with live bi-directional Salesforce data to update apps and content in seconds

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Streamlined Digital Experiences

Get consistent and individualized customer experiences across every touchpoint of your organization with Titan Web

The Top Alternative to Salesforce OmniStudio in every Industry

Drive up patient engagement and provide personalized care with Titan’s OmniStudio Alternative

Create patient-centric and holistic healthcare experiences for Salesforce to manage appointments, monitor patients, and boost patient satisfaction.

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Manage Patient Appointments
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Patient Engagement
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Co-ordinated Patient Journeys
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Personalized Patient Monitoring
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Surveys and Feedback
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Patient Cases
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Optimize Financial Efficiency and Streamline Organizational Processes with Titan’s OmniStudio Alternative

Take your business growth to the next level with seamless workflows, unprecedented scalability, and personalized customer journeys for Finance

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Risk and Compliance
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Financial Advice and Management
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Loan Management and Approvals
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Targeted Sales Offers
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Customer Queries
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Reporting and Analytics
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Nurture student growth with the leading Salesforce Alternative

Ease administrative pressure, streamline processes, and create tailored student journeys to enhance educational experiences

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Alumni Networking
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Enrollment and Onboarding
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Courses and Programs
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Student Retention
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Administrative Support
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Be at the forefront of innovation with the leading alternative to OmniStudio

Generate leads and opportunities, build partner relationships that stand the test of time, and get seamless innovation management

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Leads and Opportunities
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Track Innovations
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Customer Portals
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Partner Relationship Building
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Operational Metrics
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Self-service for Customers
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Empower marketing teams to reach customers in personalized ways

Connect with customers on a personal level, listen in via social media, nurture and generate leads, and manage marketing campaigns across a range of channels

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Nurture Leads
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Lead Creation
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Social Media Integration
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Marketing Automation
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Personalized Marketing Content
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Support your Nonprofit mission with Titan’s alternative to OmniStudio

Connect with donors, volunteers, and employees through streamlined nonprofit processes to further your valuable social mission

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Volunteer Portals
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Grant Management
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Donor Engagement
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Nonprofit Campaigns
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Volunteer Recruitment and Onboarding
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Seamless Customer Journeys

Engage with customers on a personal level, map every aspect of their journey, and orchestrate touchpoints with Titan’s market-leading OmniStudio alternative. Automate individualized customer engagement to elevate satisfaction and fuel business growth


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Social Media Management 

Integrate with your preferred social media tools to listen in on conversations on your product, interact with customer comments, and stay up-to-date with the latest in consumer trends. Unlike OmniStudio, Titan’s integration with third party apps is limitless and 100% flexible

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Reporting and Analytics

Get advanced reporting and analytics to track performance, monitor growth, identify opportunities, and analyze customer data with Titan’s native Salesforce tool. Our product comes at a fraction of the cost of OmniStudio and provides tailored workflows

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Automate the Entire Sales Process

Your entire Sales process can be completely automated using Titan Web. Schedule follow-up calls and emails to check-in with key clients, design workflows, and assign the tasks and triggers that suit the needs of your business. Unlike OmniStudio, go-to-market always happens quickly and efficiently

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Capture and Qualify Leads

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Lead Conversion

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Automatic Follow-up

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Track Sales Cycles

Feature-Rich Apps for any Business Use Case

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Cross-platform development

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Drag-and-drop tools

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Custom Lightning Components

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Visual Workflows

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Dynamic Content

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Reusable Classes and Objects

Read about Titan Solutions

Salesforce Integration: Titan Web

Salesforce Portals

Titan’s portals have native integration with the Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Read about Titan’s multi-patented Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration: Titan Survey

Salesforce Feedback

Reach customers, employees, and partners on a personal level

Limitless Customization for Web Apps

Get limitless customization options and the freedom to build any web app for Salesforce you want. The price tag is also very appealing

Luke Williams

Salesforce Admin

We connected with clients in new ways

Our legal firm was looking for a streamlined and automated way to connect with clients. Titan Web provides all the functionalities of OmniStudio and more, plus it comes with great customer support!

Sandy Mitchell

Salesforce Admin


Does Salesforce OmniStudio require development experience?

OmniStudio is a low-code tool and simple solutions can be achieved with drag-and-drop. Unfortunately for custom applications you may need to have coding knowledge or employ developers. Titan, on the other hand, is completely codeless and customizable.

What is the difference between Salesforce OmniStudio and the Experience Cloud?

The main difference between these tools is that OmniStudio has been created for Salesforce developers to help them build and maintain their apps more effectively. Whereas the Salesforce Experience Cloud is primarily designed to create engaging and enjoyable digital experiences for Salesforce customers to interact with such as attractive portals and websites.

Is Titan or Salesforce OmniStudio better value for money?

The short answer is Titan is much better value for money. Not only are Titan products much more competitively priced but personalized solutions do not come with expensive development.

Can I create Custom Lightning Components with Salesforce OmniStudio

Yes, you can create Custom Lightning Components with Salesforce OmniStudio. You can also do this using Titan Web without running into extra expenses or limitations associated with OmniStudio

Will Titan Assist you in creating your dream App?

Yes! Our skilled Salesforce experts are available 24/7 to assist you in developing custom solutions. You can also schedule a call with one of our professionals where we can discuss creating features specifically for your Salesforce needs

Looking for a Salesforce OmniStudio Alternative? Try Titan Today!

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