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Solutions for Healthcare

Everything You Need To Know About Salesforce Health Cloud Pricing 

To build the perfect solution for processes in the healthcare industry, you need to know about Salesforce Health Cloud. This cloud-based Salesforce platform was specifically created for organizations operating in the healthcare and life science sectors. It can be used to speed up processes that involve patient data and experiences. However, Salesforce offers many editions of Health…

Salesforce Solutions for Sales

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing: Choosing the Right Plan for Your Business Needs

Whether you have less than 200 employees or over 10,000, Salesforce Sales Cloud has a solution to manage your entire sales process, improve sales efficiency, and boost productivity. Sales Cloud – a customer relationship management platform – was developed directly on the Salesforce Einstein Platform and gives you a 360° view of your customers to do anything…

Sales Solutions from Titan

Beyond Cold Calls: Salesforce Alternatives to Cold Calling

What Is Cold Calling in Sales? Reaching out to potential customers who have not expressed interest in a company or its products before is called “cold calling.” It means that the salesperson contacts individuals via the phone, email, or any other means, such as social media, without there having been prior contact. The “cold” refers to the…

Survey Solutions

Introducing Titan Survey

Did you watch our special webinar on Titan Survey? If not, don’t worry. We have a summary below if you prefer to catch up on the session’s key points. The webinar was held on YouTube on 7th July 2021 to introduce Titan’s latest product offering. Let’s Get Started with Titan Survey Titan Survey is a brand new survey builder…

Titan Automation Solutions

Salesforce with Marketing Automation Solutions

Using marketing automation software to speed up marketing processes and tasks for Salesforce can optimize your business operations. Organizations use marketing automation software to manage their campaigns from a single location, a standard option being Salesforce. Popular marketing campaigns that can be upgraded with automation software include email and social media marketing campaigns, mobile messaging ventures, and…

Qualtrics solutions with Salesforce

Qualtrics Surveys Salesforce: Feedback Management

Do you really know what your customers think of your company, product, or services? Do you do academic research? Are you responsible for governmental policy-making, demographic analysis, or measuring public opinion? Do you need to gather information from donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries of a non-profit? Or must you collect feedback, assess satisfaction, or understand patient experiences? Salesforce…

Salesforce Surveys with Titan

Salesforce Survey Component | Salesforce Survey Functionality

The Salesforce Survey component is a Lightning component that can be used to embed surveys into your website. Surveys are a great tool to measure customer feedback on your services and/or products by asking targeted questions. You can use different question types to gauge your customers’ thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Some examples are as follows: There are…

Titan and Salesforce Surveys

Why you Should Enable Surveys | Salesforce Surveys Advanced Features

Salesforce users love the Surveys feature from Salesforce. It can be used to collect responses from customers after creating engaging surveys. These responses are also pushed to Salesforce automatically as survey takers submit them. Collected responses are extremely valuable pieces of information that you can analyze to gain a better understanding of your customers or target audience….

Salesforce Surveys

Using Salesforce Survey without Community Cloud

What is Salesforce Community? The Community Cloud (now known as Experience Cloud) is a platform powered by Salesforce, your organization can build branded online communities where you can engage with your organization’s stakeholders directly. These online communities are designed to promote communication, collaboration, and self-service. By providing a space for users to share ideas, create discussions, and…

Salesforce Surveys

Salesforce Surveys and Feedback Management

Key Benefits of Customer Feedback Surveys What is Survey Feedback? Survey feedback is information and data collected from surveys. Customer Feedback surveys are the survey type used to identify and measure customer happiness and satisfaction with your business. We have summarized a few advantages for you. Receiving feedback data from stakeholders provides a direct insight into how…