Salesforce HR to Fuel Employee Engagement

Interact with employees on a deeper level via personalized performance management and tailored onboarding programs. Send out feedback surveys to find out how you can enhance the workplace as well as create user-friendly portals where employees can manage their personal information, request leave, and access pay slips. The best part? All this is 101% Salesforce integrated and requires absolutely no code!

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More Employee


Greater Employee


Faster Onboarding

Salesforce Human Resources for Success

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Employee Portals

Create Salesforce-integrated self-service portals for employees where users can track sick days, update their contact details when necessary, view relevant learning materials, access digital pay slips, and download their latest tax forms

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Analytics & Reporting

Track every HR process inside Salesforce using all clicks and no code. View our easy-to-understand analytics and reports to get rich insights into key metrics such as employee turnover and time-to-fill company vacancies

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Onboarding & Offboarding

Using the power of Salesforce, you can create automated workflows for onboarding new employees and offboarding outgoing ones. This way you can nuke the manual paperwork involved in these processes and ensure all data is stored and analyzed in the #1 CRM

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Employee Self-Service Portals

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Automated Onboarding

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Efficient Offboarding

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Manage Employee Records

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Analytics & Reporting

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Personalized Performance Management

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Disciplinary Processes

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Training & Development

Titan is Trusted by Industry Giants

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Titan is easy to use and has really responsive support

These guys! What can I say. Once you play around you get the hang of it and there are so many templates. These guys are really responsive and went the extra mile to explain a piece that I was missing.

Helen Hoepfner

Harlem Children’s Zone

Great product and service from an expert support team

Titan is a great tool, very flexible and functional. There’s terrific videos and resources on how to use the platform. Feedback on projects have been great on all the different forms and surveys that have been built.

Barb Leung

Salesforce Consultant

Innovative form and survey tool for all kinds of implementations

From light to heavy implementations, the more I gave Titan a chance, the more I discovered how easy and intuitive it is to use. Things I used to work on with SF developers for weeks now can be done in days.

Itay Ben-David

Digital Merketing Lead

The best form survey CSAT RSVP e-vite tool for Salesforce!

I’ve used lots of form-building, survey and RSVP tools that integrate with Salesforce. None of them are as powerful or as flexible as Titan, which allows an endless variety of powerful forms.

David Giller

Salesforce Consultant

A tool with the answer to almost every use case

Answered every use case I needed, highly recommended. This tool is very easy to use and they have amazing tutorial videos that explain how to do everything! And they have an incredible support team.

Oshrit Basson

Salesforce Analyst

Uncomplicated yet has many features so you are not limited

Titan completely integrates with Salesforce, both getting and pushing data. It is straightforward to use, not complicated yet it has many features so you are not limited. The customer support is excellent.

Alida Castillo

Webmaster, Harvard Law

Salesforce Human Resources to transform company culture. Try Titan!

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