Build Dynamic Websites for Salesforce in Minutes

Titan’s drag-and-drop web builder for Salesforce enables you to create stunning Salesforce website designs for customers, partners, employees, and e-commerce in a few simple clicks

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Mobile-First Approach

Titan’s websites are designed to enhance user experience via mobile

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Streamline Experiences

Connect customers, marketing teams, vendors, e-commerce and more in one central website

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Branded Websites

Tailor the look and feel of your website to complement your company brand

Salesforce Website Development for any business Use Case

Prioritize patient needs with websites for 360 degree care

Deploy secure, user-friendly websites that connect patients, doctors, and providers for improved healthcare support

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Patient Website
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Staff Website
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Appointment Scheduling via Website
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Hospital Website
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Insurance SSO Website
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Payment Website
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Prioritize data protection with secure digital access websites

Easily build and deploy secure, user-friendly websites for customers, employees, partners, and business vendors

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Customer website
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Employee SSO website
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Partner SSO website
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Payment website
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Financial Services website
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User Services Website
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Create websites to elevate student experiences and educational resources

Easily build and deploy secure, user-friendly websites that seamlessly connect students, educators, and partners

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Student website
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Educational website
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Teacher Website
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Higher Ed Website
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Financial Aid Website
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Secondary School Website
Salesforce Integration: Education Portals

Optimize business operations and customer experiences with multi-functional websites

Easily build and deploy secure, user-friendly websites for customers, employees, partners, and business vendors

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User SSO website
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Technical Support website
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Appointment Scheduling website
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Landing Page website
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Partner SSO Portal website
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Payment Gateway website
Salesforce Integration: Tech Portals

Empower marketing teams with attractive and engaging websites

Create stunning websites for branded marketing campaigns with dozens of dynamic web elements to choose from

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Customer SSO website
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Supplier website
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Payment website
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Product website
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Food website
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Landing website
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Empower Nonprofits to build Robust websites

Get streamlined websites for Nonprofits

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Support website
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Volunteer website
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Cases via website
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Registration website
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Donor website
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Community website
volunteer with volunteer reports and volunteer docs
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100% Salesforce Automation for your Website

Ditch the manual work by easily collaborating with partners, customers, and third-parties to manage e-commerce and pricing, as well as share records and exciting leads

Salesforce Integration: Mobile Apps

Streamline E-Commerce

Connect shoppers, vendors, and suppliers during every stage of the e-commerce journey with online stores, inventory and order management, plus shipping tracking

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Analytics and Reporting for your Website

Empower your business with robust analytics and reporting for your Salesforce websites including monitoring site traffic, sales and marketing metrics, conversions, and exciting prospects

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Lead Management

With Titan for Salesforce you can customize the lead management journey through capturing leads via dynamic forms, sending data directly to Salesforce, and tailoring resources based on individual preferences

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Custom Contact Forms

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Track and Manage Leads

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Powerful Lead Generation Tools

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View Data in Salesforce

Feature-Rich Websites with Titan!

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Create customer and vendor zones

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Conditional Logic

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Drag-and-Drop Functionality

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Power Tables with Multi-object inline editing

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Dynamic Content

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File Upload Capabilities

Read about Titan Solutions

Salesforce Integration: Titan Web

Salesforce Portals

Titan’s portals have native integration with the Salesforce CRM

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Read about Titan’s multi-patented Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration: Titan Docs

Salesforce PDFs

Get interactive and fillable PDFs for Salesforce

Titan Web has transformed my Media Company

My media company finally has the exposure we wanted. We built a custom website perfectly suited to our brands and customer needs.

Jackie Weakly


Websites don’t have to be complicated

We got tired of outsourcing to expensive Salesforce developers and decided to try Titan. Best decision we have made yet!

David Peel

Manager/CRM Admin


My business has unique Salesforce requirements. Can Titan provide custom Salesforce solutions?

Yes! For a market-leading solution with a team who will care for your individual needs, reach out to Titan today.


Will Titan be able to support any Salesforce-related questions?

Indeed! At the heart of Titan is a team of passionate Salesforce Architects with expertise in implementing a range of customized Salesforce projects worldwide. We have got you covered!

Salesforce is limited in designing custom web projects, and I sometimes miss my branding objectives. Does Titan have any advice?

Sign up for Titan Web! After witnessing the challenges customers and partners face – like you, we decided to create personalized enterprise applications for Salesforce at a fraction of the cost.

Other than Salesforce integration, what else does Titan Web have to offer?

Titan Web is our most accomplished offering, with no-code design capabilities, total web project flexibility, and fully scalable features.

I need a specific design for my web application. Does Titan have any layout option for Salesforce web app development?

Yes! We can help you with custom layouts that work with the dynamic push and pull of Salesforce data — no need to worry about any extensive development or wasting massive chunks of time.

How to build an eCommerce Website using Salesforce?

To build an eCommerce website using Salesforce, start by utilizing customizable storefront templates to design your site. Then, integrate your product catalogs to streamline inventory management. Finally, enhance the shopping experience with Salesforce marketing automation tools for personalized customer interactions.

Want beautiful websites in minutes? Try Titan Web!

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