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Toggle to turn on/off auto-launch when publishing

Currently when publishing a form, the default behavior is auto-launching the form. It would be helpful to have the control to turn on/off this default behavior.

Add a header in a modal

Hello – I would like to request a new feature: Allow Titan users to add in a header in a modal. The header should be dynamic (scales correctly for each page layout. ie: mobile, tablet, etc.). Thank you!

RTL LTR in translation

Hebrew is a difficult language, and is also written from right to left, whereas most languages are written from left to right. When translating pages into several languages, the alignment of the page is the alignment as determined for the entire site. Is it possible to add an option to change the direction according to the translation…

Queries based on reports adding a browse option

In many cases the user connected to the forms system is not the user of the development teams. When the developer writes a report as a basis for a query/GET, the report does not appear in the list of possible reports,  there is no way to browse to search the report The request – to add an option…

On-Click for Container Element

Please add On-Click Action option on the Container element.