Titan X Lab Category: Open

Show Field and Object API names in the Titan Builder

A suggestion from a customer: In the Titan Web builder, anywhere there is a list of Salesforce Objects or Fields, display the Object or Field API name in addition to the label. This helps the administrator distinguish between components with the same or similar labels.

Ability to Move Mini Menu for Components

When you click a component and the mini menu pops up (where you can select styling, settings, alignment, etc.) it would be nice to be able to move that as it can block other components I’m trying to see while editing the selected one.

option to add details about form on Titan Dashboard list view

Hi, In the screen attached, I want an option to add columns with information about the form like: form id, created date, created by, last log date Thank you

Filter Submitted vs not yet Submitted forms

I have a flow where a long form can be saved by the customer to be filled out at a later date. We know the submission object stores all forms, but there is no way to filter and see forms that are not finished yet vs. forms that are being pushed. It will be beneficial if we…

Contact Merge App

Hi Titan, have you considered a contact merge app? I’m having difficulty because sharing rules don’t allow delete in SF and I don’t want to give full access to people who need to merge contacts in their team. I thought a useful bit of out of the box functionality would be a contact merge app to give…

Toggle to turn on/off auto-launch when publishing

Currently when publishing a form, the default behavior is auto-launching the form. It would be helpful to have the control to turn on/off this default behavior.

In the date field – option to hide opening a calendar

Users with low computer literacy click on the calendar sign in the date field, and don’t understand what to do – if they only had the option to enter a date, it would be a lot easier

Duplicate a row in a form

I see that it is possible to duplicate a cell in a form but it will be great to be able to duplicate the entire row or column.

Titan Loader – Summary Report

The record loading process does not show the final result of the loading process. It would be nice if it would be possible to get a display that includes information at the end of loading How many total records in the file How many total  records have been loaded successfully How many total  failed records

Submission Table

Submission table (instead of JSON) that contains all information such as fields and variables. This can be useful for a number of reasons, such as identifying any issues or errors that may arise, and gathering data for analytics and reports, use this data for external applications etc. This feature was part of the old version of form.