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Salesforce For Fundraising in the Nonprofit Industry

Salesforce Donations & Fundraising: Going Digital Do you need Salesforce forms to call for volunteers, raise funds, accept donations and manage the data collection process efficiently? Is your Nonprofit organization gaining the benefits of technology, or are you too afraid to take the digital leap? If not, it’s time you did! No red tape, no extra steps,…

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Titan’s Ultimate Guide to Salesforce for Insurance Companies

Titan’s Customization for Insurance Allows for Paperless Technology The Insurance industry has been embracing digital processes and going paperless since before the 2020 pandemic, and many insurance companies have sped up their digital transformation to keep up with evolving technology. Customer service has gone up a few notches since insurance brokers have ditched manual paperwork. Embracing technology,…

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Titan’s Trailblazing Health Cloud Solutions for Salesforce

Connect with patients on a deeper level, save time for doctors and nurses, automate processes for insurers, and much more when you choose Salesforce for the Healthcare Industry. Read on to find out how Salesforce can directly benefit you, and your Healthcare institution, today. What is the Salesforce Health Cloud? What can the Salesforce Health Cloud do?…