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Avoiding Legal Pitfalls: Learn How to Write a Contract

Whether drafting a contract for yourself or on behalf of a company, it’s important to know how to do it correctly. When writing a contract, you should include the terms and conditions of the agreement to avoid any legal problems. For these reasons, join us in the article below to learn how to draft a contract automatically…

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Titan’s Take on Digital Transaction Management for Salesforce

Today, we focus on discussing Digital Transaction Management (DTM) topics in Salesforce. Are you ready to get rid of manual processes that contain mountains of paperwork? Keep reading our article to find out how you can get more hours in the day with automation software to speed up digital transaction tasks. Let’s get your time back! Instant…

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Qualified Electronic Signature

Why not switch to using Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) to electronically sign digital documents these days. They are considered to be equivalent to wet signatures in the European Union and many other places that abide by the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS). If you want to find out more about QES and how they can…

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Stay Ahead With: Why are Contracts Important?

Contracts are important because they manage agreements between two or more parties. They are also legally binding, which means that when parties sign a business contract, they have to comply with the obligations, responsibilities, terms, and conditions set in the agreement. Why do we need a Contract Between Two Parties? Although business contracts can seem daunting, they…

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Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Businesses in our era no longer handle contract lifecycle management (CLM) processes manually. The strategy is to use CLM systems and software to help manage contracts throughout their entire lifecycle. There are many stages in the CLM system, like contract creation, negotiation, execution, monitoring, and analysis, to name a few. This process can be complex and intricate,…

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Signee Vs. Signer: What are They?

Want to know more about the different signing terms and roles used in business, legal, and diplomatic fields? Join us below as we uncover the differences between signee, signer, and signatory! Starting with what is a Signee? A signee is a person or an entity in a formal agreement with other parties or has signed a contract….

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Is it Time for a DocuSign Salesforce Integration?

With a Salesforce and DocuSign integration, businesses can electronically sign and manage documents within their customer relationship management platform (CRM). But what does this actually mean? Theoretically, your employees will be able to complete the following tasks without leaving the Salesforce ecosystem: Businesses that are dependent on Salesforce tasks to manage their customer relationships find DocuSign a…

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Essential Topics for How to Notarize a Document

Notarizing a document is an important step to ensure that it hasn’t been tampered with and to provide evidence that it is authentic. A notary is someone who can help notarize a document, which includes verifying the identity of the signer and checking that they are a willing participant. As this is a common practice for businesses…

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How to Sign a Document on iPhone

How to Sign Documents on iPhone With everyone constantly on the go, it’s important that documents can be signed from anywhere at any time. If your business is still printing out physical copies of documents and sending them to signers, why not save your business time and money by moving to a digital signature solution? There is…

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Salesforce Electronic Signatures | The Ultimate Guide

Electronic signatures are better for the environment, save organizations time and money, and of course, make the signing process a million times easier for customers. Instead of getting swamped by admin and endless paperwork, it’s now the new norm to receive a link or email so that you can sign your documents securely and on the move,…