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Salesforce Electronic Signatures | The Ultimate Guide

Electronic signatures are better for the environment, save organizations time and money, and of course, make the signing process a million times easier for customers. Instead of getting swamped by admin and endless paperwork, it’s now the new norm to receive a link or email so that you can sign your documents securely and on the move,…

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Salesforce Document Signing Run-through

What is an Electronic Signature? An electric signature, also known as an e-signature, is the digital format of a handwritten signature. E-signatures are used to sign digital documents, and they are confirmation that the signer agrees to the content that is addressed in the file. E-signatures are also used to verify the identity of an individual online….

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Conga Sign for Salesforce: An Official 3rd-Party Tool

What is Conga Sign? Conga Sign is an e-signature solution designed to work with Salesforce objects so that your business can streamline signature processes. With Conga Sign, your staff can create templates for future use or have the option to work with documents in real-time by including signature tags on the go when needed. Your business can…

Titan E-signature Solutions for Salesforce

Salesforce Electronic Signature Tools Overview

When your business teams upgrade their document processes to include electronic signatures (e-signatures), they get to significantly reduce the time it takes to collect signatures from customers, partners, and employees. Signing processes are streamlined with electronic signatures since it eliminates the need to print out or hand deliver a document for signing physically. We must not forget…

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Adobe Sign Integration Plans

Adobe Sign can create a happy work environment for your staff by creating new document signing processes that are streamlined and efficient. All your documents across your entire organization can be signed faster with Adobe Sign since they provide electronic signatures to reduce the time it takes to sign a document traditionally. You can now eliminate the…

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Adobe Sign for Salesforce Solutions

What is Adobe Sign? Adobe Sign is a software solution provided by Adobe that you can use in your business to electronically sign and send documents. The product is popular due to its extra features that allow you to track and manage your digital documents. Organizations that need to work with digitally signed documents like contracts, agreements,…

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Complete Guide to 21 CFR Part 11 and Salesforce Integration

Welcome, if you are reading this article then chances are you are working with electronic and digital signatures in your business. Want to know more about how to be fully compliant? Well, you have come to the right place! In this short guide, we discuss the difference between e-signatures and digital signatures, explain Title 21 CFR Part…

Salesforce Electronic Signature

Salesforce Electronic Signature

Did you know that electronic signatures (e-signatures) can help businesses close deals and complete transactions anywhere worldwide? By integrating a Salesforce e-signature into their systems, sales, commerce, and other business teams can prepare, edit, negotiate, manage, and sign contracts electronically on one platform. This eliminates the need for physical documents to be sent, received, signed, scanned, and…

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HIPAA Compliance for Salesforce Forms and Docs

The Healthcare industry has come a long way in the last several decades. Everyone can remember walking into their doctor’s office and seeing a room full of files containing all of the patient’s medical history. Waiting patiently for the doctor, they would arrive with a folder containing all your personal information from the time you were born….

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Titan’s Coverage on the Best E-Signature Apps for Salesforce

Electronic signatures (e-signatures) are simple tools with many advantages for use in digital documents. We know this is why you are looking for the best ones to integrate into your Salesforce ecosystem. Search no further – you have come to the correct link! We dive into this article to explain why we need e-signatures, where to get…