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Document Solutions from Titan

Statement of Work Template: Building a Solid Statement of Work for Different Industries

What Is A Statement Of Work? What Is The Meaning Of An SOW in Business? Whether you are starting a software development project, a construction project, or a research and development (R&D) project, you must have a solid statement of work (SOW) in place. An SOW is a document that clearly outlines the scope, objectives, deliverables, timelines,…

Document Solutions for Salesforce

How to Write a Grant Proposal That Wins?

Grant proposals are documents created to acquire funds. As you can imagine, investors and grant-making organizations receive proposals daily. To ensure that your business is seen, it’s a good idea to put down a proposal that stands out. When writing a grant proposal, you want to ultimately communicate to funders that a project is worthy of funding….

Template Solutions from Titan

How to Write an Invoice: Simplify Your Billing Process with Invoice Templates

If you have ever ordered something, you were probably given an invoice indicating the products, quantities, and the agreed price. In simple terms, an invoice serves as a request for payment and typically has the name and contact information of the seller, the name and contact information of the buyer as well as an itemized list of…

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

In-Depth Data Insights: Exploring Salesforce Einstein Discovery

What is Einstein Discovery? In 2023 Salesforce introduced Salesforce Einstein AI, a comprehensive suite of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities embedded in the Salesforce platform.  Einstein AI is included in the Salesforce AI Cloud and is designed for business users, analysts, and data scientists alike. AI Cloud also includes the Einstein Trust Layer, which ensures data privacy and…

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Creating Stylish Salesforce Projects with Titan

Web Design at its Finest With Titan Web, there’s always something new to learn. Our platform for Salesforce continues to grow as we add cool yet professional features to help you transform your web page into an engaging, stylish, and interactive canvas for your users. To keep you on your toes so you can turn dry content…

Salesforce Solutions from Titan

Titan’s Guide about Digital Engagement Salesforce

Teams use Salesforce Digital Engagement to quickly communicate with customers on WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms. To save time and speed up work tasks, you can too! The Readers Want to Know: What is Digital Engagement? It’s a Salesforce offer that is super helpful in today’s social media and remote working world. Digital engagement supports…

Titan Guide for Salesforce Automation

Salesforce Chrome Extension

Does adding Salesforce extensions to your Chrome browser sound like something you would like to try? Many organizations make the work tasks of their employees easier by adding Salesforce Chrome extensions to their browsers. But how does it make work tasks and processes easier? One example is that your colleagues can use Salesforce features in a single…

Salesforce Document Generation

Salesforce CRM Document Generation Software

What is Document Generation Software? Do you need to generate, customize, edit, and produce data-driven documents like reports, contracts, proposals, quotes, and invoices, or letters? It is a rather time-consuming task, and errors often slip in, especially if you need to generate documents in bulk, isn’t it? You need document generation software to help you to automate…

Salesforce Dynamic Forms Standard Objects

How to use Salesforce Dynamic Forms with Standard Objects

What are Salesforce standard objects? Salesforce dynamic forms standard objects are commonly used in businesses, such as Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity. These objects are part of the standard data model and are widely used in various business processes. On the other hand, custom objects can be created to store industry-specific information unique to your company. What…

Salesforce Forms for Course Registrations

Salesforce Registration Forms for Courses

Forms from Salesforce is a powerful tool within the CRM ecosystem that allows you to create and manage online forms for various purposes, including course registrations. With Forms, you can easily collect information from individuals interested in enrolling in your courses and seamlessly integrate that data into your Salesforce environment. How can Forms be used for Salesforce…