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Document Automation is a Work OS that empowers global enterprises to create custom web applications for everyday work needs. The platform was designed to inspire new approaches to working processes!

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Salesforce Renewal Automation for

Transformative Technology with is a leading Work OS that empowers your company to shape workflows in any way you want. Using no-code building blocks, customers can organize any aspect of their business by layering industry-specific products on top of their Work OS. gives you complete freedom to combine building blocks, like apps and integrations, to fully customize any process. The outcome? Your business can run at optimum efficiency to maximize productivity and focus.

Salesforce Renewals for Monday using the Power of Titan wanted to renew customer subscriptions in Salesforce while ensuring all renewal information was sent accurately and seamlessly to clients. This was a tall order for a company with 152K+ customers!

To save both time and resources, were looking to automate the entire renewal process. Even so, they couldn’t afford to skimp on quality, and the output had to be both visually appealing and personalized for each and every client.

With these aims in mind, Monday sought out the expertise of Titan in the hope that we could help them organize renewals in Salesforce on an impressive scale. Ultimately, Titan became an integral part of this undertaking.

Automating Renewals Process

The Monday/ Titan Solution to Extend Salesforce Capabilities called upon Titan to be part of creating this renewal management automation process in Salesforce. Once acquired Titan tools, they were well on their way to automating and simplifying a highly complex process.

“I think that this is a natural case for Titan. As the platform knows to take all the data from different sources [and] create the logic we want. With all the complexity we demand, It took us only a few days to create. So we received a very simple and cost-effective solution to a complex challenge.”

Alon Segal Senior Salesforce Application Developer at Monday

Fast Results for a Market-Leading Salesforce and Solution

Synthesis: With Titan as one of their tools, has been able to streamline and simplify complex renewal processes, and make the process easy for clients.

Collaboration: Through helping to automate Monday’s renewal process, Titan has enabled to maximize delivery and focus resources and labor on aspects of the company that need it most.

Purchase confidence: Titan saved development time, mitigated manual human error, and played a crucial role in upgrading renewals and efficiency. This complemented’s drive to provide customers with best-of-breed Work OS solutions as effortlessly as possible.

Room to grow: Both Titan and are always growing and learning, and the plan is to keep refining the customer renewal process so that clients get market-leading service.

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