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GR0 is a digital marketing agency powered by its wealth of SEO, online marketing, and strategic advisory experience with top Direct to Consumer and Business to Business brands. Their aim is to empower clients to build influential online brands with a focus on organic search.

Customer Testimonial

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Salesforce Forms to take Felix Von Sass’s SEO Agency, GR0’s to the Next Level

“GR0” the Potential of Salesforce Forms

Ben Miller, Titan’s Senior Account Executive, caught up with Felix Von Sass, CTO at a growing Salesforce SEO agency based in the US. Their focus is on turning organic searches into a performance marketing channel.

It is evident from the testimonial that Felix is easy-going and down-to-earth, and he is passionately committed to making a difference.

As he explains in the video and our conversation, it has been one frustrating ride researching the different next-level SEO form tools for Salesforce on the market.

Read on to find out how Titan was able to transform the company’s ongoing engagement between customers and employees for the better.

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Forms Integrated with Salesforce are designed to make a difference

With over 200 clients, the company’s quality of service to its customers is important for business success.

His inability to send out dynamic forms for collecting payment information for clients directly from Salesforce efficiently and timeously was hindering his business processes.

Salesforce has been one of our most important partners as a CRM tool, together with PandaDoc and QuickBooks. I thought I had the system all figured out,” explained Felix.

Although he had set up automation for payment, he found that it was not a smooth process.

This prompted him to search for another form builder that integrated seamlessly with Salesforce, making it easy for them to organize customer details and monitor payments.

‘’After reviewing several form builders, I found that they did not have the functionalities or support our company required,” explained Felix, ‘’I was looking for a dynamic form builder that integrated with Salesforce without any hassle.’’

Then, he stumbled upon Titan’s Salesforce Forms app.

The big question for Felix was ‘’How would Titan Forms help with a quick, simple but secure way to send out forms for collecting payment information for clients directly from Salesforce, without being locked into an expensive plan or with any integration it costs more money?’’

Since his curiosity was piqued, we took the opportunity to dive deeper into Titan’s Salesforce Forms.

‘’This kind of software allows for some serious serious scaling,”

Felix Von Sass describes his interactions with Titan.

Felix Von Sass CTO of a SEO Agency, USA

Connecting Salesforce to GR0 with Titan

To create a seamless customer experience, Felix was given a test drive of how Titan users can update data in an existing record ID in Salesforce. For example, it does not matter what object. Both standard and custom objects can be worked with from within Titan.

‘’I believe that Titan’s functionalities and customer support are exceptional,” said Felix, ‘’With the ease of integration with Salesforce and the intuitive drag and drop interface, we can assure customer satisfaction.’’

According to Felix, he was confident that Titan would greatly benefit and add value to his company.

Dynamic Forms to improve Security

Customer expectations are no doubt something that Felix had to meet. However, he was also concerned about security – protecting and keeping customer data safe.

No sweat, we explained to him that Titan had added an extra layer of security to user accounts with multi-factor authentication, called SmartV (Smart Verification), technology that provides web forms with 2-factor authentication for securing data and allows businesses to identify customers who are filling out the distributed web forms as Titan communicates with Salesforce continuously.

This allows the user to authenticate users based on any field stored in Salesforce.

With all this information at his fingertips and at a click of a button, Felix had already begun to think of custom solutions he could create for his clients. 

We go the extra mile to enhance Salesforce for our Customers!

Felix was content with the document generation software he was currently using for Salesforce and provided a synopsis of the business scenarios in that they had contracts with clients.

But he was amazed when he was shown the capabilities of Titan Docs.

He was taken aback that he could get an application with document generation and forms, for a great price, with awesome customer support, and much more.

He was also given a sneak preview of how simple it was to create templates and merge all fields directly from Microsoft Word, Salesforce, and Titan Docs.

That was not all. He saw that Titan allows users to create and automate custom document templates directly from Salesforce using our simple, code-free document builder.

Salesforce document generation made easy!

Why not? All our products are 100% Salesforce integrated, end-to-end secure, and carefully designed to take Salesforce further by optimizing usability and simplicity.

Nothing is better than having one platform that can handle all of his Salesforce needs.

As you can see in the video he made for us, he took Titan for a test drive.

At the touch of a button, and with no code, experience strength, speed, and agility in the Salesforce industry.

Transform your business by choosing Titan’s Forms for Salesforce and contact our sales team for a FREE demo today. You will have no regrets.

Want to read more about Titan and Salesforce? Check out our no-code forms on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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