Main Features

Easy to use state-of-the-art technology

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

All features include drag & drop functionality



Create custom layouts with clicks only



PDF, Word, Excel and HTML supported



Multiple barcode types, QR Codes bind to your Salesforce & SAP Data



Allow the user to fill in the document



E-signatures and Digital Signatures supported natively



Salesforce & SAP Event driven. Flow,Process builder, Apex supported

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic

Show/Hide content based on your Salesforce & SAP logic



Flexible layout to Keep your brand consistency



Save as files or attachments. Merge, or send via email.

Easy to use for End users and Creators


Easily generate documents directly from Salesforce buttons
and SAP custom menus.


Build custom interactive documents with clicks only.



What types of documents can I create?

You can create any type of business documents such as Contracts, Quotes, Proposals, Invoices
and generate them as: PDF, Docx, Xlsx.

Where are the documents and templates that I create stored?

The documents can be stored on the Titan Server or in your Salesforce instance.

Can I email documents created using Titan Docs?

Sure, documents can be attached to emails directly from our interface.

Can I convert documents to PDF or DOCx?

Yes, you can convert to HTML, PNG, Docx, and PDF.

Can I merge multiple documents into one document?

Yes, we support document merging for PDF and Docx files.

Do I need to know how to code in order to create documents?

Zero Code is necessary for all products on the Titan platform.

Can I add a signature to my document?

Yes, you can use interactive fields or signature fields.

When a document is created can it also push an update to a field or object in Salesforce?

Yes, upon signing, rejecting or even opening of a document you can interact with any Salesforce object and push data based on your business logic.

How can I automate document generation using Salesforce?

Salesforce allows you to automate your Titan documents using Flows, Process builder, Apex and Outbound messages.

Can documents created with Titan Docs pull data from multiple objects? Is there a limit to the amount of objects I can pull data from?

There are no limits on the number of objects that you can read from or write to.
You can push (write) to any number of objects, create records, update or even delete.
You can also populate your document based on any number of objects, related list and dynamic content such as images, html and more.

How many templates can I have in Titan?

The standard Titan license allows you to create up to 150 active document templates.

Can I create documents from forms or just from within Salesforce?

You can create documents directly from the Salesforce UI, using our Titan Salesforce button ,Salesforce flows or directly from a TITAN form. One of the most common use cases is to trigger a document generation once a form or an application form is submitted.

Does Titan Docs work with Salesforce lightning and classic?

Both Lightning and Classic versions are supported.

Can I use related lists?

You can read data from any object, any relationship, junction objects, related lists and based on any business logic. We support 1-to-many and also many-to-many outputs.

Can I use a Salesforce Report as a source?

Yes, you can use a salesforce report as your data source and pull data from it directly to a document as a single or multiple records view (Table, Repeat, Fields).

Can I use apex as a data source?

Yes, you can build dynamic layouts and pull them using our document engine.

Can I repeat nested data?

Yes, we support up to 2N nested data objects.(many-many).

Can I embed images in my documents?

Yes, you can pull a file, URL or Rich text field from Salesforce and parse them as Images on our document engine.

Can I use Salesforce rich text fields in my document?

Yes, html and images from Rich text fields are fully supported.

Can we view the generated documents on mobile devices?

Our platform is responsive and mobile friendly.

Can I view documents outside of Salesforce?

You can create a document that can be accessible outside or inside Salesforce.
If you decide to use it outside your Salesforce, you can also add security layers such as 2FA to protect it or even create it as a completely public document.

Do you offer non profit discounts?

We offer a 10% discount on our yearly license for non profits and high education organizations, please check this link: Click Here

Do you offer custom licensing?

Large enterprises with multiple environments, or with massive document generation are offered custom licensing. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a guide for the product?

We have full documentation for every feature and use case. You can use our Academy or Youtube channels for more information.

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Titan is a reflection of its users. and they are awesome!
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