Generate Documents Instantly with Salesforce

Get the Titan platform for the fastest way to generate documents with no code! Don’t just stop there – Titan can help you automatically distribute doc gens, allow for electronic signatures, and save your files in Salesforce for later use.

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Salesforce Doc Gen with Titan

Boosted Document Generation!


More Accuracy from Pre-Filled Data


Transformed Templates from Custom Branding

Check out Exclusive Features from Titan Docs!

Watch this short video to get an overview of Document Generation with Salesforce.

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Save Time & Money with Document Generation

Titan empowers your business to create and automate custom document templates directly from Salesforce.

Use Titan’s code-free document builder and take it one step further by fully integrating with other Titan modules to customize an end-to-end document process with only clicks to scale the amount of generated documents your business needs.



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100% Control of Your Documents

With Titan, you can generate and access documents from your mobile device.

Why not save your Salesforce-generated documents to popular external storage applications like Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more to make your records accessible while you are away from the office?


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Empower your Brand with Custom Styling Options

Generate branded and distinctive documents from live Salesforce data. Titan’s user-friendly template editing interface allows even non-technical or non-design users to create powerful and stunning templates.

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Expand your Online Presence

Cater for a global market! Titan supports Arabic and Hebrew as end-user languages to create right-to-left (RTL) generated documents. Titan even has support for translations with their Auto Translate feature.



Highly Recommended

“We would highly recommend this product! Titan Docs has enabled us to generate key documents for our organization with the click of a button… very efficient and effective!“

Jena Hayashi

SF Admin

Great Product

“This product has greatly improved our quotation and sales product.”

Duncan Miller

SF Admin

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Excellent Accuracy

By using Titan Docs to generate your documents, you can eliminate grammar, formatting, and general data errors from massive amounts of data capturing.

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Boast about Customization

The Titan platform caters to 100% design flexibility. Use Titan to style any UI element added to a generated document.

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Looking for Productivity?

Titan can help streamline your end-to-end document generation processes, standardize all your documents, and free up time for your staff to focus on critical business goals, such as increasing sales!

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Sign

Titan Sign

Sign, manage, and track e-signatures directly from Salesforce with our codeless signature builder

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Docs

Titan Docs

Create and customize dynamic documents for Salesforce

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Web

Titan Web

Build beautiful and flexible websites, 100% integrated with live push and pull of Salesforce data

Salesforce document and Titan document

The #1 Integration for Salesforce

Say goodbye to tedious manual workflow tasks – see you never! With Titan, you get the power to simplify the document generation process within Salesforce.

Steer Clear of Snooze-Fest Processes – Try Titan today!

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