Automate business workflows to elevate efficiency with Titan Flow for Salesforce

Fluently automate workflows across Salesforce orgs with zero code
to streamline your business processes and enhance productivity

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No-code Design

Build adept business processes with zero code using Titan Flow.

Includes 3rd Party Integrations

Connect payment providers, cloud based storage, and more.

End-to-end Secure

Secure sensitive organizational data with end-to-end encryption.

Bespoke workflows for any business use case

Put Patients first while Saving time for Healthcare Staff

Connect patients, doctors, and providers more efficiently than ever before to provide quality healthcare experiences.

Patient Satisfcation
Manage Appointments
Connect Doctors,
Nurses and Patients
Patient Record Sharing
Feedback Collection
Post Discharge Follow Up

Enact integrated workflows for secure and effective financial transactions

Create seamless financial experiences bringing customers, employees, and partners together

Loan Approvals
Contract Management
Financial Records
Customer Satisfcation
Better Staff Experience
Secure Data Handling

Upgrade Relationships between Education Institutions and Students

Connect students and institutions to transform the education sector.

Grant Requests
Student Registration
Course Registration
Secure Data Handling

Optimize business operations and customer experiences

Hone complex workflows into easy-to-use processes to improve productivity across your organization.

Organized workflows
Connect Clients to Staff
Customer Satisfaction
Secure Data Handling

Make marketing seamless with optimized sales funnels

Dynamize your marketing team with workflows that connect you to clients.

Manage campaigns
Website Feedback
Secure Data Handling
Customer Satisfaction
Product Research
Faster Workflows

Create systematic and connected approval processes

Build agile approval processes, which connect users both in and outside of Salesforce.

Push and pull real-time Salesforce data

Create integrated workflows with the capability of pushing and pulling real-time data directly from your team’s Salesforce databases.

Automate repetitive tasks and templates

Effortlessly create digital workflows connecting customers, partners, and employees in order to do more in less time.

Made for teams and everyone in between

Ensure all your teams, customers and partners are aligned every step of the way with complex approval flows, custom SSO portals for non-Salesforce users, and advanced 2FA security features

External Approval Processes

Titan Link

3rd Party Integrations

End to End Titan Solution

Titan Flow Features

Conditional Logic

Payment Integrations

Maps & Schedulers

Responsive Design

Dynamic Content

Advanced Reports

Incredible tool!

“I just recently got exposed to Titan and learned how to use it. It is an ultra-powerful tool, which extends the Salesforce abilities beyond belief. You cannot exaggerate when describing the benefits it has when integrating with Salesforce to collect data or to present it. Highly recommended!”

Gabi Harel

Senior Salesforce Project Manager

One of the most powerful Platforms we use

“As a Salesforce integrator, we find Titan Platform to be one of the strongest tools we use in our project for our customers. the solution holds lots of capabilities that give amazing value for our customers and save lots of development time (that costs money) when using Titan’s no-code platform.”

Ariel Michaeli

Manager/CRM Admin


What types of business processes can you use with Titan flow?

You can mix and match different interfaces and build any business process, customized to your organization.

Are Titan Workflow Processes restricted to Salesforce Users?

No, Titan Flows allows us to connect different parts of Salesforce,and users inside and outside Salesforce.

Can you use any Salesforce Object or Field to Work with your Flow?

Yes, both standard and customaizable objects and fields from Salesforce can be used with Titan Flow.

What types of integrations does Titan flow provide?

Titan flows integrates with Salesforce and has the potential to integrate with any other CRM.

Does Titan Flows require coding experience?

No, Titan Flow requires zero coding experience.

It’s time to go digital,
try Titan Flow today.

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