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Customer 360 for Health: Titan Upgrades
Review Processes

Medical equipment is vital to saving lives in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and private practices. For this reason, safety and performance tests are critical in ensuring that medical equipment is dependable, precise, and safe.

Can you guarantee that your medical equipment meets the high standards that medical practitioners and patients deserve? Are you delivering the best error-prone equipment to your clients?

Follow the below use case from Titan that explores how a Medical Equipment company extended its digital Salesforce experience to sign off and approve the testing and reviewing of their medical equipment before supplying it to clients.

Extending Salesforce for Company Progress

A Medical Equipment company offering leading medical technology and services in the healthcare industry wanted a more manageable and less time-consuming workflow process for Technicians and Quality Assurers (QAs) when completing Medical Equipment tests.

A new web app that pushes all test results to Salesforce and tracks approvals by Technicians and QAs would benefit the Medical Equipment company.

Does this sound like an exciting Salesforce solution? Keep reading as we explore Titan’s robust capabilities.

Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment

Salesforce-Focused Requirements

The Business Analysts brainstormed with members of the Tech and QA teams to come up with the following requirements, which they handed over to Titan to implement:

A web application that contains a few easy-to-fill-out web forms
Technicians need to be able to sign the web forms before submitting them to the next person in the review – the QA.
The web forms need to contain a list of tests that the Technician has to check.
The web form needs to capture test results quickly as it is currently a monotonous task.
The web form needs to allow Technicians and QAs to leave comments for further clarification.
Technicians and QAs need email notifications to track the web forms for queries, comments, or approvals.
The web app must pull data from Salesforce to create a cover sheet for the test in review.
When the review is complete, the web forms must be converted to documents, digitally signed, and pushed automatically to Salesforce.
Manual Processes
Manual Processes

Salesforce Success: A need to Drive Change

Before turning to Titan, the Medical Equipment Safety and Review process was highly manual. Technicians would fill out a few paper forms while testing medical equipment and, once complete, hand them over to the QA team. A QA would be assigned the task of approving the test results from the Technician.

“The main problem in our process arises when a QA rejects a test result and has to send the paper forms back to the Tech team to address.”

Quality Manager

Depending on availability, a new Technician might have to pick up the task and address any of the QA’s concerns. New paper forms now need to be filled out and sent back to the QA. This process would repeat in a cycle until the QA ensured that the medical equipment had passed all safety tests.

Some tests have multiple reviews, and the paper trail needs to be clearer between the two teams. With incorrect data issues and an inability to track who approved tests, the Managers from the Tech and QA teams decided to overhaul the entire Medical Equipment Safety and Review process to be entirely digitized.

Titan Influences Salesforce Solutions

Titan provided the Medical Equipment company with a solution consisting of a custom web app for the Technicians and QAs. The web app is comprised of web forms and multiple signature functionality.

Now when a technician has to perform the Medical Equipment Safety and Review process on medical devices and equipment, they can quickly fill out web forms and apply their signature after inspection and testing. 

Features we Love!

The Technician can now submit the signed web forms to a QA person for review all through the web app created by Titan. The web forms enter a review process and cycle until the QA approves all presented criteria. The QA will lastly electronically sign a cover sheet, and then all the documents are pushed to Salesforce where they are saved as records.

“We need to collect signatures at each step from the Technician and the QA because of legal and compliance reasons. Titan has made this process a breeze to manage!”

Medical Administrator

Salesforce Processes to Adore

Titan provides a link to a web form that was set up within the Field Service Lightning as a custom link in Salesforce. The Tech team’s Manager sends a link to a Technician via email so they can log into the web form, which has SmartV enabled for added security.

The Technician logs into the web app using their email address and security code and can now directly access the web forms in the project.

Salesforce Solutions
Salesforce Solutions

Custom Web Forms Designed Just for You!

Titan created a stepper design for the web forms and a Home page for the Medical Equipment company’s brand and mission. To access the web forms, the Technician clicks a button on the Home page and can start entering data on the web forms.

The Medical Equipment company needed three web forms, so Titan provided a solution to have all the web forms on one web page using the Stepper feature. At the end of each web form, the Technician signs a generated document.

*Titan can provide your business with a huge number of forms – this specific use case focuses on three. Our stepper design can hold multiple steps, which are embedded web forms. Titan goes further to show or hide each step accordingly as per your business and Salesforce requirements*

Additionally, Titan has created a series of fields for communication between the Technician and QA.

“When logged in as Technicians, they cannot edit fields that are assigned to the QAs. The only areas that the Technician can interact with are the ones assigned to their role.”

Business Analyst

Let’s take a closer look at the web forms!

Stepper 1 – Web Form 1

The Technician chooses between Pass or Fail options in a drop-down menu for each medical device they are testing. The Technician must also enter software versions or comments for specific devices using the text field elements.

When the Technician finishes filling in the first web form, they will click on the Sign Form button. Titan Sign will then bring up a document generated from the completed web form. Titan will also simultaneously send all the data from the web form to Salesforce!

The generated document is then brought up for signing by Titan Sign, and consists of all the information pulled in from the web form. When the Technician is ready to sign the document, they click the Sign Now button and enter an electronic signature on the signing element. The Technician can then click the Finish Sign button to complete the signing process and push the signed document to Salesforce.


Stepper 2 – Form 2

The Technician can complete the second web form in the web app by clicking on the second stepper link. The radio buttons, drop-down menus, and text fields are laid out differently to web form one as per the company’s art direction. 

All custom designs are achievable through Titan!

The Technician can easily use the drop-down menus to select Pass or Fail on safety tests and, once complete, can click on the Sign button to generate a document. The document will pull all data from the filled-out web form and push it to Salesforce. The Technician can go ahead and sign the generated document within Titan Sign and push the document to Salesforce with a single click of a button.

Stepper 3 – Cover Page

The last part of the Technician’s task is to sign a cover page for their organization. The Technician can access the cover page by clicking on the Finish button. The cover page loads with data pulled directly from Salesforce, such as:

salesforce pink tick
Company Logos
salesforce pink tick
Document Number
salesforce pink tick
salesforce pink tick
salesforce pink tick
Serial Numbers
salesforce pink tick
Table of Equipment

The Technician can quickly review and sign the generated Salesforce document using the Sign Now button. On completion, the Technician receives a pop-up notification addressing that the submission has been sent to the QA team and is then automatically logged out of the web project. Also, at the same time – the cover page is pushed to Salesforce.

Make Room for Titan Flow

At this point, Titan has created a flow for the company to merge the three documents added to Salesforce:

TItan Forms Icon
Document generated from Web Form 1
TItan Forms Icon
Document generated from Web Form 2
TItan Forms Icon
Cover Page

The merged document automatically appears in Salesforce and is ready for use!

Simply Start with Titan Features for Salesforce

When the Technician completes the Medical Equipment Safety and Review process, a QA will receive a link via email to log into the web app with their email address. The QA can then start reviewing the Technician’s responses on the web forms. The QA can edit their respective fields on the web forms.

Stepper 1 – Form 1

The QA can then continue their tasks by choosing to Approve or Reject the results from the Technician directly on the web form. Titan has provided engaging radio buttons for this task that are easy to understand and quick to select. If a QA rejects a result from the Technician, they will have to add a mandatory comment on the web form to explain their reasoning.

The QA must only sign the web forms once the review has been approved and all tests passed. So the QA can click on the Next button to navigate to the second web form found on stepper two while simultaneously pushing all their feedback to Salesforce.

Web Forms
Web Forms

Stepper 2 – Web Form 2

The QA continues to Approve or Reject results from the Technician with the agile radio buttons. Once again, if there is a rejection from the QA, they will need to add a mandatory comment in the text field.

The QA goes on to the Cover Page on stepper three by clicking the Next button.

Stepper 3 – Cover Page

Since the QA rejected a few items, the signature field will not be available, but they will receive a message that states the submission will be returned to the Technician for review.

The Technician will receive an email to log into the web app and review the web forms. After addressing all comments, the Technician can sign the documents and pass them to the QA for a second review. The process will cycle until the Technician passes all tests and the QA approves all results.

If the review process has successfully passed, the QA can sign the cover page, and the document will be pushed and saved in Salesforce. Titan has ensured that once the document is pushed to Salesforce, it is merged with the relevant web forms and cover sheet signed by the Technician.

Salesforce Motivated Results

The Medical Equipment company has been able to speed up their custom Safety and Review process for their staff, allowing the Technicians and QAs to perform their tasks efficiently. An added benefit of the new digital strategy is that all signatures and data are pushed to Salesforce, ensuring that the Medical Equipment company can track all process stages for compliance and legal teams.

“We are super proud of our digital venture as clients now also receive only the most accurate and reliable medical equipment.”

Business Development Consultant

*All organizational names and titles used in this article are purely fictional and if they happen to occur in real life it would be completely by coincidence.

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