Salesforce Web-to-Lead Converts Traffic Fast

Use Titan to transform web traffic to leads in Salesforce by capturing personal details and preferences in minutes and seconds using zero code forms. Empower your Sales and Marketing teams with quality leads integrated in real-time with the #1 CRM

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Connect your Web Form to any Object in Salesforce!

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Optimize your web traffic by converting visitors into new leads via Salesforce web to lead forms on your organization’s website

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Gather support requests and automatically create new cases in Salesforce based on forms submitted on your company portal or web app

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Capture personal data using Titan forms and automatically create accounts in Salesforce using no code and only clicks

Web-to-lead Salesforce forms for every use case

Collect Personal data from patients for 360 degree care

You can now collect all the most important information from patients for an enhanced healthcare experience

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History Form
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Refill Requests
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Generate new business and get data at your fingertips

Your financial business or institution can now generate new leads as well as find out more about customers using no-code web-to-lead forms

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Gauge student preferences and meet the expectations of parents via web-to-lead forms

Recruit star students and meet educational needs by collecting valuable data on your institution’s portal or website using Titan’s no-code forms

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Campus Tour
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Contact Forms
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Feedback Forms
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Generate new leads and grow your Tech company fast!

Generate quality leads via easy-to-use forms visitors can fill in on your website. All information is stored in Salesforce for a personalized view of every lead and opportunity

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Webinar Registrations
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Newsletter Subscriptions
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Whitepaper Download Forms
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Ramp up sales and close deals faster

Provide your marketing team with accurate customer data collected via forms on your company website. All information is synced to Salesforce for a precise understanding of every customer

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Contact us Forms
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and Feedback
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Giveaway Forms
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Event Registrations
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Newsletter Subscriptions
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Add File Upload Capabilities

Unlike competitors, Titan enables you to Salesforce upload files and attachments to your web-to-lead form quickly, easily, and with zero code. Upload files in any format to include all supporting information in your form to suit your business needs

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Salesforce Web-to-Case

Ease the administrative burden of your support staff while enhancing the experience of customers with Titan’s web-to-case for Salesforce. All a customer needs to do is fill in an intuitive form on your website describing their query or issue.

This data will then be automatically transformed into a case in Salesforce where it can be assigned to the relevant support member and given a priority. The result is that cases are addressed and resolved in record time!


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Instant Data Validation with Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

Rest easy that all data submitted in your web-to-lead form will be sent to the right object in Salesforce. Whether it be a lead, account, case, or any other object, it will be instantly validated for 100% accuracy and peace of mind

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Web-to-Lead with No Restrictions!

Experience complete freedom with Titan’s web to lead forms for Salesforce. Work with any user interface, any logic, and multiple objects in the blink of an eye. With Titan Web-to-Lead there are no limits and there is no red tape

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100% No-code

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Any Logic & UI

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Work with any object

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Push leads to Salesforce in real-time

Titan Web-to-Lead Features

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Automated Leads in Salesforce

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Conditional Logic

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Object Agnostic

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Cross Object and Multiple Objects

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Dynamic Content

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File Upload Capabilities

Read about Titan Solutions

Salesforce Integration: Titan Web

Salesforce Websites

Titan’s websites have native integration with the Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Read about Titan’s multi-patented Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration: Titan Survey

Salesforce Feedback

Titan’s Salesforce feedback forms help you connect with customers

78% more Accurate Leads

With Titan’s web-to-lead capabilities we managed to get 78% more accurate leads and cut back the time to close a deal by 37%


Senior Salesforce Administrator

Game-changing Web-to-Lead Tools

We have managed to optimize Sales and connect with the right leads 70% faster with Titan web-to-lead tools. A complete game-changer for our business


Manager/CRM Admin

Salesforce document generation with word templates

Better than Salesforce. My only complaint was that this app is so easy to setup Word templates that I don’t feel that smart anymore. The support team is also very helpful, maybe the best in the industry.

Juha Lassila

Salesforce Expert

Titan is a great price for both web forms and merging docs

Having used several other tools, which mostly merge docs and forms separately, Titan has been a treat to work with — and for that price! The support team is amazing, I highly recommend.

Erik Reiken

Salesforce Consultant


Can you add file capabilities to your Salesforce web to lead form?

Yes, even though this is impossible in Salesforce, Titan enables you to add file upload capabilities to your Salesforce web-to-lead form.

How long will it take to set up my Salesforce web-to-lead form?

You can set up your  Salesforce web-to-lead form with Titan in less than 5 minutes, all you need is a Titan Web account.

Can I add customized branding and styling to my Salesforce web-to-lead form?

With Titan, you can add customized branding and styling to your form without adding CSS to the HTML code.

Is there a limit to how many web-to-lead forms for Salesforce I can create?

No, unlike Salesforce there is no limit on the number of web-to-lead forms you can create with Titan.

Does Titan have Salesforce web-to-lead templates?

Yes, our user-friendly template editing interface allows even non-technical users to create powerful templates.

Does Titan work with Salesforce web-to-case?

Yes, Titan forms connect to any object in Salesforce and our software has robust web-to-case capabilities.

It’s time to make traffic count,
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