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Extend Titan docs window width in Salesforce

The Form Titan screen to select a document template is currently truncating the template name over 46 characters long. So it can be difficult to identify the appropriate template to use.
We would appreciate to see this limit extending to be able to see the full template name, to at least around 80 characters.


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Nadav Gal
20 December 2022

Hi Bertrand,
Right now we display 37 chars while full title (even 100 chars) displayed as a tooltip when hovering the file. See:
Does the tooltip not enough to identify the relevant doc?

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21 December 2022

Thanks for the tip Nadav ! This helps but is not enough efficient as we have to hover each template one by one to see and select the right one.
Extending the display will help a lot more, and there is free space on the left for that.