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make it easier to see what nodes in actions do

currently it is quite hard to “read” actions as you can only see the node type and tag of most actions from the overview, and seeing the details involves quite many clicks, e.g. to see what “affect elements does, you have to

  • double click the node
  • click apply filters
  • click set
  • then close or to add something, click apply filters -> set again

I propose

  • sort “set” items to the top by default, so that you can see them right when opening the dialog
  • add hover popups to nodes on the action overview so that it is possible to see what a node does without having to open it

when developing, much more time is spent reading and debugging code than writing/creating and this would really help


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Nadav Gal
30 October 2022

Hi Andreas,
The first part – I transferred to dev queue.
The second part is also great but more complicated to implement since its varies per node type. Will be investigated.