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Reuse same signature

Hey there Titan devs!

Our team has noticed that if you have multiple signature lines in Titan Sign for the same signer, that they have to select their signature every time. Would it be possible for them to only have to select their signature once, then if there are other lines for that signer to sign, it uses the signature style they previously selected?

I was thinking this could easily be done as a checkbox addition to the ‘Optimization’ section of the Document in Sign. Maybe something like “Efficient Multi-Sign”, “First Selection Multi-Sign” or “One Click Multi-Sign”. That way, you select your signature once, then it’s just a one click for the next.


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30 June 2024


We have that capability in Titan Sign.
On the right hand side, in the menu, please choose “Document” => “Setting” => “Optimization” => “One Click Sign” (checkbox).

Good Luck!