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Increase Login Session to 2 Hrs

Increase Login Session to 2 Hrs instead of 30 mins.

export a list of projects

We have over 150 projects. To get an overview of them all (name and ID) is practically impossible. Can you introduce the ability to export a list of all projects and their IDs please? a CSV or Excel file will suffice. Thanks! 

More informative messages when loading a project while no more APIs/Docs are available

When API/DocGen limit are reached, opening a project raises a message which is not informative enough – “project is disabled” Would help if the message would expicitly state the reason for this disable

CAPTCHA before Get

Many times we allow a value to be entered in a field and then perform a GET operation, according to the value. It can be a social security number or any other unique number. One of the claims of information security experts, and rightly so, is that this allows bots to attack. It would be useful if…

Allow search on x-lab

trying to find if anyone has posted a similar idea and there’s no search 

Allow quick save

Provide a “quick save” option/button. Instead of a user close ALL windows in order to click the “save” button

SmartV Session Time

Today, the session time is predefined. There are only two options. Either the user is “thrown out” at the end of the predefined time or the Disable session option is selected, and this is also a problematic definition. I would be happy if there was an additional option (in a built-in way) to set a notification “You…

Export collaborator list and their permissions

Export collaborator list and their permissions

option to add details about form on Titan Dashboard list view

Hi, In the screen attached, I want an option to add columns with information about the form like: form id, created date, created by, last log date Thank you

Contact Merge App

Hi Titan, have you considered a contact merge app? I’m having difficulty because sharing rules don’t allow delete in SF and I don’t want to give full access to people who need to merge contacts in their team. I thought a useful bit of out of the box functionality would be a contact merge app to give…