Titan X Lab Category: Titan Docs

Checkbox option to insert a blank line when there is no data to insert

In the Word Addin, add a checkbox option to the “add/edit field” dialog that would cause Titan to insert a blank line if the field is empty. The purpose is to draw the end user’s attention to the fact that there is missing data in the generated document. In effect this is like following the field with…

Rename a Collaborator Permission Set Group

It is possible to manage access to FT projects using Salesforce permission sets. This is a great feature. However, in the FT interace, you only see a generic name, eg “Permission Set Group 1”. It would be be useful to be able to rename the permission set group to be able to distinguish them easily, without having to…

Error log details for “QR bill data is invalid”

Titan Docs Swiss Qr-Bill generator can sometimes generate empty Qr-Bills, due to invalid data (missing required field etc). In this case, the only available information in Titan logs is “QR Bill Data is invalid“. It would be helpful to have more detailed log to understand which data field  causes the error, and so being able to fix it rapidly.

Extend Titan docs limit of 100 records merged document

Titan docs has a current limit of maximum 100 Salesforce records that can be selected to merge in one document (from a Salesforce list-view). As we use Titan doc to generate fund appeal letters from massive campaigns, this limit has to be extended to at least 500.

Organize Titan docs templates in folders

It would be a nice improvement to be able to organize Titan Docs templates (forms) in folders and subfolder, as it’s already available for other projects.

Filter Titan templates list in Salesforce UI

We do have a long list of Titan templates available. It would be nice to add a search box in the Salesforce Titan UI to filter the templates list by keywords, and so rapidly find the right one.

Titan docs user adoption dashboard

A Titan docs dashboard with user KPI’s would be a great feature to drive adoption. At least, we would like to have the number of document generated by users, by period of time.

Extend Titan docs window width in Salesforce

The Form Titan screen to select a document template is currently truncating the template name over 46 characters long. So it can be difficult to identify the appropriate template to use. We would appreciate to see this limit extending to be able to see the full template name, to at least around 80 characters.

Titan docs template last usage date

We would like to be able to see and sort by “Last  usage date” information for each Titan docs templates. This date should be populated with the last time this template has been used to generate a document. This would be helpful to better manage templates lifecycle and archiving when necessary. Thanks.

Switch Enviroments

In the FormTitan dashboard there is an option to switch between sandboxes/environments without signing out. But to do the same from the FormTitan word Add In we had to sign off first and then sign in back to see the environment selection list. It would have been great if there was an option in the add in to switch between…