Titan X Lab Category: Titan Forms

Toggle to turn on/off auto-launch when publishing

Currently when publishing a form, the default behavior is auto-launching the form. It would be helpful to have the control to turn on/off this default behavior.

Library of email templates and other text for use across multiple forms

It would be great to have a library of custom email templates and/or text (for use in the “Show Message” element, for example) that could be used across multiple forms, rather than having to draft/manage them from each individual form. 

Titan add-on to word

It would be great if we could edit a nested condition (‘IF’ that is part of another ‘IF’). currently, when there is a condition that contains another condition, the inner condition can’t be edited and in order to make a change, the user is obligated to delete the outer condition.

Collaborator with all forms permissions

We would like to manage collaborators users with a global “all forms” permission, to not have to individually assign each form to each user. This option is already available for Editors users :

User Community

Please create a user community so that we can collaborate and share ideas, best practices, questions and answers. 

Create long text type field to sync with Salesforce

I would like to not request a workaround for this field type on Salesforce. Lizette is in the know about this. Thank you. Kevin