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Have the version of the Titan Doc that was actually sent via email, be the version that gets saved in Files.

Save in Files the version* of the Titan Doc that was actually sent via email (in Salesforce), instead of the one (template) that is published.  *I downloaded on my desktop and edited a few values/answers in the document. Then I attached it to the Email that I sent via the Titan button in Salesforce. The email was…

List of forms NOT in a folder

It would be a nice improvement to be able to view all Titan Docs templates (forms) which are NOT in a folder or subfolder. In other words, this is all the forms located in the root directory of all projects. We need this for being able to organize and arrange templates easily from root directory to a…

Remove hover text in tables

We pull data in via forms. When a user hovers over that cell, the data appears in a hover box above. This is unnecessary, as the data is already there in the table cell. Additionally, it confuses front end users as they think that we made a mistake in the designation of what would show when a…

Map submission edit url to google spreadsheet

Currently, you can map the submission edit url to a field in salesforce, which is great. We have a form that we don’t need to have in salesforce, only in a google drive account. Would love this same capability to map to a field in a google spreadsheet so you could access the submission again easily from…

Toggle to turn on/off auto-launch when publishing

Currently when publishing a form, the default behavior is auto-launching the form. It would be helpful to have the control to turn on/off this default behavior.

Library of email templates and other text for use across multiple forms

It would be great to have a library of custom email templates and/or text (for use in the “Show Message” element, for example) that could be used across multiple forms, rather than having to draft/manage them from each individual form. 

Titan add-on to word

It would be great if we could edit a nested condition (‘IF’ that is part of another ‘IF’). currently, when there is a condition that contains another condition, the inner condition can’t be edited and in order to make a change, the user is obligated to delete the outer condition.

Collaborator with all forms permissions

We would like to manage collaborators users with a global “all forms” permission, to not have to individually assign each form to each user. This option is already available for Editors users :

User Community

Please create a user community so that we can collaborate and share ideas, best practices, questions and answers. 

Create long text type field to sync with Salesforce

I would like to not request a workaround for this field type on Salesforce. Lizette is in the know about this. Thank you. Kevin