Titan X Lab Category: Titan Sign

Add Sort By options for list of Documents and Templates

Currently there is a seemingly random sort order for documents and templates you create for signing using the Salesforce FT Generate button. This should be set by document name as a default.

Titan Sign – Have a Reply-To field, dynamic would be better.

We have different individual who send out TITAN SIGN to clients and would appreciate if we could customized the REPLY TO so that the recipient of the TITAN SIGN email can reply back to the individual who sent the email.

Current user as the owner of the SF Integration doc pushed to File

Our TITAN DOC and TITAN SIGN set up where a copy of the doc is saved in Files when it’s generated or sent out via email (for auditing). The file is saved with our Titan Licensee as the owner of the record in Files, even when he was not the one who generated the Titan doc in…

Hide Print Button

We would like a feature to be able to remove (hide) “Print” button on Titan Sign document.

Ability to sort the list of documents on FT Generate Document button

It would be great if we can sort the list of documents that are available from FT Generate Document button. When there are many documents, it would make it much easier to find the document you want if it’s sorted alphabetically or in a way it makes sense.

Titan Sign – Print Button

Using Titan Sign, when a user opens the document, some fields are populated with Gets from Salesforce.  Other fields they populate once they open the form.  It would be great if they could click the “Print” button and it would print the form with both the merge data and the input data populated on the form.  Right…

The name of the submitter in the email templates

Currently, in templates, the My Name entry shows the email of the document generator for signature and not the name. The recipients of the letter do not understand, for example: [email protected] asks you to sign, instead of what should have been: Joe Bloggs asks you to sign, Sincerely [email protected] 🙂

Ability to edit the document generation page from within SF

Today, the Document Generation page cannot be changed, For example, after Generation the title GOOD JOB appears, not all customers like it, not to mention the need, sometimes to change the language (and no, I don’t want to change the entire interface to another language for this). Please allow the Generation page to be changed.

Reject Emails Recipient

As of today, a Reject notification can only be sent to signers (dynamically). It seems right to me to add, as a built-in option, also for the user who activated the signing process.

Text area in doc sign

Hello, im trying to make a letter template using titan sign and the text area field doesn’t work how i thought it would. I would ideally like it to be able to move the text/fields below down or onto a new page if it overflows, instead of going over top of the text? also upon testing it seems…