Titan X Lab Category: Titan Survey

Add an N/r option for an answe

For Mandatory questions, allow to have a “Non relevant” answer, that will keep the value as empty, but will still mandate the user to activly click on one of the answers

Option to populate variables in preview mode at least.

Hello,  We can’t know if the Salesforce action( Get, Push) works correctly in preview or test mode in Survey.  Also, in Web Titan, it would be great if we could change variables in preview mode or more options to run tests. 

Finish slide – Survey

It would be nice, if in a custom push, it will be possible to reach the finish slide

Publish Survey As A code Snippet

in the survey tools industry, it is pretty much a standard to publish a survey as a code snippet to embed in any web page. at the moment titan surveys is missing that. 

Limited selection of values in checkboxes

Give an option to define in check box fields how many values can be filled.

Clear Icon

It would be nice to have the option to perform a reset  to an answer using Clear Icon in all types of multiple questions (CSS, Radio etc(.

Color of element in Email Survey

Hi, I would like to ask to provide possibility to change colour of star icon in question embeded in email as they are currently black. Our company visual comunication require blue or navy colour. Black looks terrible with rest of the colours. BR Joanna