Titan X Lab Category: Titan Web

Allow Reordering of Conditions in Salesforce Actions

When creating a Salesforce action (get/push) theres no way to reorder the conditions. This means that if a change needs to happen you need to either edit each condition or scrap your current action and start from scratch.  Solution: Add the reorder drag and drop functionality here

Adding Dynmic Country option to phone field

Hi I want the option define the ‘deafult country’ feature dinamclly in phone field (with varible or input). You have the same functionallity in the address finder field.

Adding a record using a power table

Forms (1) had the option of adding a record from a table. It would be nice if the option was also implemented in power tables (WEB)

Stepper – Mouse still shows as clickable when stop steps are disabled

We’ve noticed that on our stepper, even though we have the clickable steps at the top disabled, the little click icon will still show on your computer when you mouse over it. It would be helpful for that to be disabled when you disable the steps!

Auto PDF

In Healthcare, we often require a PDF version of our web forms. Since we are a company combining information from multiple companies, everything I create is more or less from scratch and there is no Word Doc to use so I rely heavily on Auto PDF. It would be great if there was an option to preview/print…

My Submission Link to Salesforce

In talking with our FormTitan account rep, he suggested that we share this idea here to see if others may find it helpful.  When we view a push in My Submissions, it would be helpful if there was a link to that Salesforce record ID that it’s associated with, similar to the way that the integration log…

Add timer widget or element

Add the ability to record time by starting a timer and then push the recorded time to Salesforce. 

Add Calendar widget to Web

It would be very useful to bring the “Calendar” component, already present in Form Titan, to Titan Web too!

Ability to toggle the Date field’s calendar button

For all Date and Time fields, the ability to turn off the button that pulls up the calendar and time menus would be extremely helpful

Ability to Move the Mini-Menu

When you select a component/element, there is a mini-menu that comes up and sometimes blocks other components I am trying to select. EX: selecting more than one component at a time, selecting a strip so I can add one above, etc. When doing those actions the mini-menu blocks the other buttons I am trying to select so…