Titan X Lab Category: Delivered

Titan Sign – Have a Reply-To field, dynamic would be better.

We have different individual who send out TITAN SIGN to clients and would appreciate if we could customized the REPLY TO so that the recipient of the TITAN SIGN email can reply back to the individual who sent the email.

My Strip/Component Delete

Right now, there is no way to Delete, Edit, or in anyway modify or organize Saved Elements (My Components or My Strips).

Dynamic page headers

Hi There, It would be nice to add a feature to allow for dynamic page headers. Thanks! 

View filevewer from file upload without push

I need an option that you can preview a file (PDF) that you upload before u push it.

Extend Titan docs window width in Salesforce

The Form Titan screen to select a document template is currently truncating the template name over 46 characters long. So it can be difficult to identify the appropriate template to use. We would appreciate to see this limit extending to be able to see the full template name, to at least around 80 characters.

Style Borders in Titan Sign

Currently when I add a merge field to a PDF in Titan Sign, it is displayed with a border.  I would like to have the option to turn that border off since I’m working with a PDF that has locked styles. Thank you!

Color of element in Email Survey

Hi, I would like to ask to provide possibility to change colour of star icon in question embeded in email as they are currently black. Our company visual comunication require blue or navy colour. Black looks terrible with rest of the colours. BR Joanna

A proper code editor for JS variables

Hello guys, what about a better code editor for the creation/update of the JS variables in Titan Web? The present one is just a text area, not resizable. There are plenty of embeddable code editors that check JS validity, permit indentation, are resizable, etc. It’s a real pain to work with JS variables with the present one….

SmartV session expiry action

Allow a user to create an action to be triggered when the SmartV session expires. For example, upon expiration of the SmartV session, a Salesforce integration can run to push an update to a custom object in Salesforce that tracks user logins to a portal. This action is available for a manual logout, but not for logout…


A new element Ticker that can read records from SF and run them on the screen according to different settings (speed, size, number of records, refresh rate, etc.)