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Boost Sales with Document Generation in Salesforce

As every part of a sales process requires customer interaction and engagement from sales professionals, there is no denying that to increase sales, teams need to be empowered to negotiate confidently and be persistent to close deals quickly with customers. Reassessing your Sales Strategy So, are you ensuring that your Sales team has enough time in their…

Salesforce Solutions for Documents

A Document Automation Guide

When you add automation solutions to creating and modifying documents, you get to eliminate repetitive manual tasks that leave your employees bored and standardize your content with minimal errors from copy-pasting tasks. If these automation solutions already sound compelling, join us below as we explore document automation in more detail. What is Document Automation? We don’t want…

Document Generation with Titan

Generate a PDF in Salesforce

Many organizations choose to generate their documents as PDFs in Salesforce so that all their content across teams is standardized and looks professional. Documents that are great candidates for PDFs include quotes, invoices, sales proposals, and even data reports. Choosing to use Salesforce to generate PDFs will keep all your document data accurate and all your files…

Titan Document Generation

Generating Documents in Salesforce

If your business teams have ever had to create documents manually, you know how time-consuming the process can be. Finding the correct data and transferring it into a document takes time, and if you had to try to speed up the data entry process, your documents might end up with a few typos, missing data, or even…

Titan Document Generation Solutions for Salesforce and Excel

Titan Guide: Export a Salesforce Report to Excel Automatically

How to Automate Reports in Excel with Salesforce How to run a report in excel? There are two ways in which you can automate Excel reports from Salesforce data. The first option is to use Salesforce’s Scheduled Reports feature, which lets you set a time for Salesforce to create and email reports automatically. If you would like…

Titan's Doc Gen Solutions for Salesforce

Titan Solutions: Salesforce Excel Import Options

What is an Excel Salesforce Integration? It’s a powerful digital connection between two widely used platforms that work with data. Microsoft Excel helps your business to manipulate, analyze, and report your data with advanced features and tools. Simultaneously, Salesforce provides customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to collect and manage all your data related to customers and leads….

Microsoft Excel + Salesforce Integration

Is your organization using Salesforce? It’s the world’s most used customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Did you know that you could have many more data analysis, reporting, and document generation options when you integrate your Salesforce system with Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel is also a hugely popular and successful application used to work with data in spreadsheets….

Document Generation with Salesforce and Excel

Salesforce Excel Add-In | Connect Excel to Salesforce

Salesforce Export to Excel Exporting data from Salesforce to Excel is useful when you want to work with your Salesforce data in the Excel format. Salesforce does offer several methods to export your data for document generation depending on your needs. You can create and run reports in your Salesforce and export the report to Salesforce. The…

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Use Salesforce to Generate Word Documents: Effortless Automation with Salesforce Document Generation Apps

Salesforce Word Document Generation: Can you generate Word documents from Salesforce? I am sure you know how it is: you search for something, and the results just ain’t what you expect. Like: “Can you generate Word documents from Salesforce”? Let me save you some time. Salesforce’s primary focus is customer relationship management, and it is best to…

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Salesforce Document Generation | The Ultimate Guide

Document generation underpins almost every major business process you can think of, from proposals to invoices, contracts to reports, quotes to business correspondence, and much more! And no matter your industry, whether it be tech or law, education or logistics, media or finance, you need accurate and up-to-date documents to keep internal records, finalize negotiations with clients,…