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ESMO is the society of reference for oncology education and information; its core mission is to improve the quality of cancer care, from prevention and diagnosis to palliative care and patient follow-up.

ESMO logo made partially from apples

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ESMO Converts Forms to Online Community with Salesforce Health Cloud

Medical Oncology Equipped for the Health Cloud Salesforce

Founded in 1975, the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) is a leading organization for medical technology.

With more than 25,000 members representing oncology professionals from over 160 countries worldwide, ESMO seeks to provide equal access to optimal cancer care for all patients worldwide, revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

ESMO Connecting Oncology Professionals Globally

Streamlining Digital Processes in the Salesforce Healthcare Cloud

ESMO needed to streamline and digitize processes end to end, from event registration and evaluations to the organizations’ member applications and customer inquiries.

The goal was to generate different types of dynamic forms and documents. Each had to be embedded into the organizations’ website and Experience Cloud, and be automatically populated with relevant data pushed and pulled directly into and from Salesforce.

Because ESMO was already using Salesforce, they needed a robust, reliable, and hassle-free integration tool for the #1 CRM.

ESMO enhances its Digital Experiences

Delivering Personalized and Insightful Salesforce Solutions

The ESMO CRM team found that Titan’s integration with Salesforce enabled ESMO to provide its customers with a seamless user experience, leveraging the easy no-code solutions offered by the Titan platform.

Working with Titan, ESMO created secure pre-filled forms on the ESMO Experience Cloud, where society members can update their data securely, apply or renew their membership, download certificates of event attendance, and much more.

In addition, ESMO designed a digital application process for courses and online events. They were also able to send out post-event surveys. 

Using Titan Web to show users’ object records within the Experience Cloud platform, ESMO provides its customers a view of their participation at ESMO events or a restricted area for ESMO members where they can download scientific books.

Successful Events with Titan

Achieving Quick and Easy Results for a Robust Healthcare Salesforce Solution

Our advanced features, like the drag-and-drop UI, have made Titan an essential platform for ESMO. The results in the Salesforce Health Cloud Salesforce speak for themselves.

TItan Forms Icon
Since ESMO began using Titan, they have increased the ease and speed of powerful form creation.
TItan Forms Icon
Administrators can create forms and web pages integrated with Salesforce org without coding.
TItan Forms Icon
ESMO uses Titan Flow to seamlessly automate workflows across Salesforce org with zero code and streamline their processes to enhance productivity.
TItan Forms Icon
Data has become accessible in real-time, enabling faster, more accurate analysis and reporting for the administration team at ESMO. And historical data — which is also critical for detailed, accurate reports — is just a click away.
TItan Forms Icon
Working with Titan and Salesforce, ESMO meets HIPAA’s stringent privacy, security, and data protection requirements.

Rucco recognizes the value that Titan can bring to ESMO and has implemented it in many initiatives and processes.

“Since implementing Titan’s solutions, we’ve been able to accelerate digital transformation and move from paper to digital format but the real engine behind the success is the support you get from the Titan team.”

Luigi Rucco, ESMO CRM Service and Project Manager

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